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As fitness enthusiasts or workaholics, we generally need to remain fit as a fiddle. With the excessive busy routine and demand for works and various exercises, our legs typically get drained requiring rest and massage. All things considered, with this innovative pressotherapy based Wireless Leg Massager you DO NOT need to go to foot spas or massage salons and go through a lot of cash to do it. This affordable best air pressure leg massager will solve all your worries.

Air pressure leg massager guarantees blood and lymphatic circulation treatment particularly like a couple of personal massage boots.  Cleared by the FDA, we guarantee that it is helpful for healing knee stress, strain in the legs, varicose veins, leg cramps effectively. Consequently, it’s easy to use the device. All you have to do is wrapped around the calves. Press the on/off in the controller button, choose intensity, sit back, and enjoy the experience. 

1. No wire, no pain. Wireless operation for comfort with style.
2. Pressotherapy based air pack design.
3. Wraps and covers your legs from all angles (360-degree complete wrap).
4. Warm hot air relaxing your muscles and relieving you from pain.
5. Tight air pressure provides you with a human hand like a soothing experience.
6. Ergonomically designed to apply even pressure all around.
7. Manufactured from allergy free soft cotton fabric.
8. Light in weight and highly portable.
9. Rechargeable battery for long-duration usage.

1. Helps to improve your legs venal pressure.
2. Efficitve in treating sore legs and varicose veins.
3. Having cold feet? Well, put these on and warm em up.
4. Improves blood circulation.
5. Releieves leg fatigue and swelling.
6. Can be easily used even while walking.
7. Stimulate the release of your body's natural painkillers-endorphins.
8. Multiple intensity levels for all your needs.
9. Loosens up those stressed tight muscles.

Rated voltage: 5V.
Maximum power: 5W.
Battery capacity: 1400mAh.
Size: 610mm x 350mm x 38mm.
Control method: Computer type.
Massage principle: Air pressure, kneading.

4 innovative technologies that change the traditional leg massage

360 ° package, air pressure massage, wireless control, two gears adjustment

Air wave air pressure massage, imitating human hand kneading, to reduce blood pressure of lower limbs through the change of decreasing pressure to improve the pressure of lower limb veins

Two massage modes with fully automatic circulation inflation

Wireless control is more convenient and refuses to be bulky

Seamless fit, 360 ° wrap, full leg massage

Rechargeable design, easy to carry out, super long battery life



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