HEYYDAR™ - Windshield For Camping

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"One of the biggest issues I have when camping in the BWCAW is cooking on windy days-- particularly during the Fall season. This portable wind screen is a very good solution for this problem which promotes quicker cook times and saves on fuel."
- David Bagerter ✅ Verified Customer



HEYYDAR™ - Windshield For Camping

Increment the productivity of your outdoor oven in blustery conditions with our exclusive oven windshield. We have all pulled up depleted at a distant camp and faffed around with anything from a boot to a guide case and attempted to ensure our oven and diminishing gas holds from the thundering breeze. This windshield offers much-needed protection for your backpacking stove from the wind, whether you're on the hill, at the campsite, or relaxing at the beach. 

Wind can play destruction when cooking outside, making your oven splutter, consume wastefully, or even just hit rock bottom totally, particularly when running at low force sauteing your onions. Dissimilar to sheet foil, this pivoted aluminum windshield keeps up its structure and is prevalent for an event of a large group outdoor adventure measured with larger pans. We provide you varients of 8,9, and even 10 plates to cater to your needs and protect your fire as we don't want the wind to ruin your day. The combination of plates acting as a shield protects your oven and fire from all directions ensuring high efficacy and live to its purpose.

Your next trip is coming up fast and so are the winds. Get your hands on our exclusive windshield and enjoy the maximum of your next adventure.



6 Reasons Why Our "Windshield For Camping" Will Change Your Life

✅ TALL & LARGE: It stands about 10 inches tall and has a total unfolded length 32 inches. This length allows you to create a circle that is 10~14 inches across. Tall enough to provide wind protection and big enough for both gas backpack stoves as well as wood-burning stoves.

✅ LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: About 0.6 Lb. Folded size 9.5 * 3.2 * 0.7 inch. Convenient to storage and travel around with the handy size carrying pouch included. 

✅ FLEXIBLE: 10 plates windscreens and can be folded to any size and shape so that to be set up around different sizes of the stove.

✅ STURDY: Durable Surface Oxidized Aluminum Alloy. Excellent in wear resistance and corrosion resistance and also easy to clean.

✅ PRACTICAL FOR OUTDOOR: Built-in pegs to secure wind shield into ground, grass, sand, or snow. Help you to start a fire in windy conditions. Fast cooking and fuel saving. Each panel comes with a small cut-out at the bottom to allow limited airflow to feed the flame of your stove.

✅ EASY TO STORAGE: The camp stove windscreen comes with a drawstring bag for convenient storage. It’s a piece of great equipment for outdoor camping, picnic cooking, BBQ.


Your worries become history if you buy these "4 in 1 Knife Sharpener"

Is your old windshield isn't strong enough to withstand storms? Or your old windshield is very heavy to be carried anywhere? Don't worry, as this Windshield For Camping made from Aluminum will protect your stove whether you are at the mountain or beach.

This Windshield For Camping is made with environment-friendly material and non-toxic material. Its high oxidized aluminum surface reduces the loss of thermal efficiency and the bottom grooves improve air circulation and save fuel.

The best feature of this windshield is that it is highly portable. Although it is very strong it can be easily folded making it very easy to carry anywhere.

The built-in pegs can be inserted in the ground firmly that ensures that the windshield won't be blown down by the wind.


Package Including:

  • 1 x 16 Plates Wind Screen.
  • 1 x Protecting Bag.


Product specifications:

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Size: 24 * 8.2cm (one piece) Approx.
  • Package size: 250*100mm Approx.
  • 16Pcs: Height 24cm/9.45in Length 134cm/52.76in


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