Waterproof Swimming Bag

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Product description

All the swimming lovers and regular swimmers, you will love this product very much. Water Proof Swimming Bag would be your new best friend during your entire swimming session. You can now have your essentials inside this bag safe and secure even in underwater with you. It will protect your items without causing any damage because of the waterproof property. So now you won't have to worry about your items lying outside the pool unsafe and unprotected. Grab this swimming bag and enjoy your swimming session.
1. Fully adjustable straps.
2. Sturdy, secure, and stylish product.
3. Large capacity with fixed weave head.
4. Designed with durable and clear materials.
5. Provides excellent touchscreen performance.
6. Three-layers waterproof technology incorporated.
7. Eco-friendly, reliable, and waterproof swimming bag.

1. Easy to clean and carry around.
2. Ideal gift for a swimmer fellow.
3. Keep your valuables dry and protected.
4. It is a very safe and comfortable swimming bag.
5. Hard to be scraped or scratched by stones or branches.
6. You can easily wear it as a cross-body or shoulder bag.
7. Very spacious so that you can easily keep your essentials in it.
8. Protect your phone or camera from the water, dust, sand, raindrops.
9. The adjustable straps let you adjust the size according to t your choice.
10. It does not harm or damage your items because of waterproof technology.

Waist Bag Size: 17*22cm.
Waterproof depth: 10m underwater.
Type: Higher Price with Touchscreen Function(Strap Length tiled:81cm,total length:86cm).
Package Contains:
1Pcs* Waterproof waist bag.


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