HEYYDAR™ - Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter

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"An awesome product! We use it for our patio with pool to light outdoor candles. Highly recommend as I don’t have to worry about the rain or getting wet."
- Joe N. ✅ Verified Customer



HEYYDAR™ - Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter

The Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter often gets down and does not work properly during rainy or windy days. That is a total mood spoiler if you really want to have a smoke there and then. We have a Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter that will make sure that the water droplets or wind/dust particles do not enter the lighter and it can easily be light up anytime.

This Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter  is your most ideal decision when you go outdoors, voyaging, or climbing. The flashlight has three modes: low light, highlight, and flash mode. You can use it according to your smoke type. So, with no fear of rain and wind, add this amazing product to your cart.




6 Reasons Why Our "Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter" Will Change Your Life

✅ WATERPROOF LIGHTER: With metal-ring sealed lighter cover and safety locking clasp design, securely closed to keep out water, no fear of rain, very useful for you to use on a rainy day, suitable for outdoor activities, adventure, camping, hiking, hunting, traveling, etc.


✅ USB RECHARGEABLE: Simply plug into any USB port (like computer or car or mobile phone portable charger)with the included USB cable, no gas or batteries required, It can be quickly fully charged in 2 hours. very safe and eco-friendly, easy to use.

✅ DOUBLE ARC LIGHTER: Double arc lighter with lanyard, lightweight, easy and convenient to carry, You can hang it on your neck or put it in your pocket, take it to anywhere you like, very easy for you to carry. high-quality ABS and Zinc Alloy material, very durable.


✅ WINDPROOF AND FLAMELESS: Flameless and windproof design help ignite quickly. 220mAh battery cell, 60 times per charging to use.

✅ INSTANT IGNITE: Turn on the locking button mechanism of the lighter and press the switch to ignition, Safe and convenient to use. The lighter also includes a 7-second auto power-off function.


COMPACT & PORTABLE: Weighs less than 2 ounces, 2.8" long, accessories include 1 USB cable, 1 whistle lanyard.



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Have you ever wanted to smoke in the rainy season but you can't carry your lighter in the rain? Or you want to find a magical lighter that also works in rain?

No more worries, like this Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter, works even in rain and harsh winds. It is designed in a way that makes sure that water droplets or dust particles don't enter the lighter so you can light it up any time.

It comes with three modes of a flashlight, low, highlight, and flash mode so you can easily light it up according to your smoke type. The best thing about this product is that you don't need to carry its charger everywhere, as it can be charged with your mobile and laptop as well.


Package Including:

  • 1 x Waterproof USB Plasma Lighter


Product specifications:

  • Material: acrylic


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