Ultra Soft Silicone 3D Saddle

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Upgrade your bicycle with our Ultra Soft Silicone 3D Saddle. The saddle is designed to support the rider's buttocks and back, usually in a semi-reclined position. Saddles come in different widths, and most producers state that the correct size backings a rider's sit bones, the hard aspect of the pelvis where your butt and your leg join. The most ideal approach to locate the correct size seat is to get an expert fit.

Bike Seat Cushion with additional cushioning for solace will help you disposing of torment during cycling .Keep appreciating those miles, consume with extreme heat the calories and bring back the cycling fun. So grab this amazing 2D silicone saddle and have fun while cycling.

1. Adjustable buckle incorporated.
2. Soft and ergonomic 3D bike saddle seat cover.
3. Made up of high density sponge and polymer.
4. Conform to hip shape, not affecting pedaling.
5. Maximum endurance for durable and long lasting use.
6. Anti-skid leather, draw-string and breathable saddle.
7. Comfortable and air permeable, help release pressure.
8. Built-in drawstring , simple to install, and no skidding.
9. The 3D cushion cover is soft, comfortable and breathable.
10. Silicone rubber and sponge are embedded in the middle layer.

1. Easy and quick to install and remove.
2. Provides a comfortable riding experience.
3. Better support for buttock and spinal cord.
4. The 3D cushion cover makes it good help for long rides.
5. The tightness can be adjust with the adjustable buckles. 
6. Soft and supple on the outside and comfortable on the inside.
7. Inner layer and cushion ensure that it does not slip with the seat.
8. When riding, it can shift the center of gravity and release the pressure.
9. Help to reduce the fatigue of muscles and protect butt from hurting during long-distance riding. 

Package Contains: 
1 X 3D cycling bicycle bike seat cover cushion.

Material: High density sponge and polymer.
Product name: 3D soft cycling bicycle bike seat cover cushion.
Application: Outdoor cycling.
Features: Comfortable, air permeable and durable.
Color: Black, blue, red, orange.
Size: 275 X 170 X 20mm/10.8 X 6.69 X 0.79".
Net weight: About 38g.


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