Turbo Scrub Cleaner

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After reading about multiple electric tub scrubbers I decided to buy the Youkada Power Spin scrubber. It was a great decision to go with this purchase. The product was easy to assemble. The first time I used it I was able to clean two bathrooms with this power scrubber. It does the job good. I have only used it once and it does not disappoint! I'm satisfied with this product!!!” A. Jonathan 
- A. Jonathan  Verified Customer



 Turbo Scrub Cleaner

Have you spent too much time cleaning? Do you use rags or old mops?

Is it difficult to clean small areas, like corners in your bathroom?

Say no more, with this electric cleaning mop, your home will be spick and span in no time!

Say goodbye to dirty floors and hard to reach spots. Clean anywhere and anytime with this electric mop that can get any corner with it’s special corner brush attachment. The electrical mop comes with 3 special attachments, made to make your cleaning easier and faster! 





✅ 3 Attachments: This electric mop includes 3 special attachments, such as: the corner brush, round brush and flat brush. 




✅ The corner brush helps clean corners, like in your bathroom, kitchen or living room. 

✅ The round brush is useful to clean sinks, counters and drains.  




✅ The flat brush is commonly used to clean windows. 
✅ Easy Usage: This electric mop is made with an angle design of 120°. This makes it easier for you to clean your home. 
  • Installation: Just connect any of the three attachments and you’re done! Fast and easy. 
  • Cordless: This electric mop is even cordless, take it anywhere at any time. 
  • Affordable: Don’t worry about cost, this electric mop is affordable and great quality. 
  • Electric: This electric-powered mop is efficiently used to clean quicker and more 




Do you use a hand mop that just takes too long to clean and doesn’t get into tough edges and corners?

Do not worry, with this electrical-powered mop, you will feel reli

eved and be able to clean in no time. Simply choose 1 of the 3 attachments, connect and clean! Get into hard edges and corners.

Clean your sink, drain, counter, floor and even windows! Save money and labor with this product. 





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