Titanium whistle with cord

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Head out into this risky world with a little true serenity realizing you have our exclusive titanium whistle on you. The smooth and solid design permits the whistle to work in almost any climate so you can easily create a high pitch sound. This isn't your common security whistle. The innovative design builds sound levels over separation, slices through any obstruction caused by climate, air and ground traffic, and other diverting clamors. Produced using a strong square of titanium composite, so there are no moving parts, and nothing to lose or supplant. The little, smoothed out air pipe is anything but difficult to blow and will create a lot stronger sound with less exertion. This implies you can blow this whistle for longer periods without depletion.

The titanium composite lets you utilize this in chilly, wet, or cold conditions. The whistle body is tough against warmth, cold, and pulverizing power and will last you a lifetime.  Significant if there should be an occurrence of crisis, help in endurance, catastrophe readiness, wrongdoing anticipation, grounds wellbeing, and whatever else you can consider.

Do not venture out from home without buying one from us right now!

1. Light in weight and convenient to carry.
2. Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.
3. Easy to use, simple operation.
4. Multiple functionalities, can be used in case of emergency, recreational activities, etc.
5. Exclusively made from titanium for enhanced endurance and long time usage.
6. Produces a very loud sound for all the right reasons.
7. Can be used in cold wet conditions as well as hot dry climate too.
8. Specially treated to give a glossy, shiny elegant look.

1. Ergonomically designed single chamber for loud, effective sound.
2. Corrosion resistance material used for safe, long usage.
3. Perfect gift for your travel buddies.
4. Comes with a chord for convenient carrying, we don't want you to lose it.
5. Perfect for outdoor usages while camping, for security, etc.
6. Designed in a way to produce loud sounds with less exertion.
7. No moving parts, means that there are no parts to replace or change for seamless usage.
8. Bright red cord beautifying your experience.


Type: Pocket, Multi Tools.
Size: M.
Feature 1: Cord with reflective tape built-in.
Feature 2: Very Loud.
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