Tableware 8Pcs/set Stainless Steel Set

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Cannot get the right tableware for a small family? Don't worry because here we have 8Pcs/set Stainless Steel Tableware Set for you. Stainless steel is the most preferred dinner set material overall. Stainless steel tableware has been used daily by most families for generations and it is ideal to serve meals. Our Stainless steel dinner sets became a popular choice greatly because they can give clean look as well as have the strength to last for decades with a huge variety and colors to select from. They even come with a pouch so you don't have to worry about keeping them. So grab yours right now.

1. Sturdy and excellent build quality.
2. Non-toxic, all materials in compliance with the FDA.
3. Tough and rigid, long-lasting.
4. Stainless steel for quality keeping your affordability in mind.
5. Exterior gloss finishing to shine up your surroundings.
6. Corrosion resistance.
7. Specially designed to be especially durable.

8. Multiple tools including spoon, knives, forks, etc.


1. Reusable.
2. Safe to use with no health hazards.

3. Easy to clean and store after usage.
4. Several designs to choose from, providing you with a vast variety.
5. Available in a wide range of colors to brighten up your experience.
6. Best material for meals in general.
7. Suitable for use at home, party, or other events.
8. Generates a traditional and classy look on your table.


Material: Stainless steel.
Size: as shown in the picture.
Use: Tableware.

Package Contains: 
1 x Bag.
1 x Fork.
1 x Spoon.
1 x Chopsticks.
2 x Straw.


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