Stick collapsible for fire

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No more need of huffing and puffing for lighting your fire; this basic fire blower stick is the ideal and safe approach to get fire from your coals. Use it to bring the fire back to life when you've ignited a little fire or gleaming ashes. Simply include some little burnable pieces, for example, wood shavings or little fuel, and blow on the ashes with our unique product to renew the fire.

The innovative design and mouthpiece protect you from any warmth directed towards you. Ideal for wood-burners, open flames, and even grills. This fire blowing stick fits in the palm of your hand is a remarkable blower for quick fuel and stirring of charcoal and wood fires, inside and out. Our interesting hand-held grip and shoot configuration make it the best on the planet. It will change the manner in which you work with every one of your fires. It doesn't light anything. In any case, when you have a fire, it will take care of the air each fire needs to become large and solid. Simply point the stick to coordinate a ceaseless blow of air right where you need it.

Just make sure you buy this product before your next adventure!

1. Light in weight and highly portable, easy to carry on all your journeys.
2. Specially made of stainless steel for durability and long usage.
3. Easily foldable after usage.
4. Can be extended to long lengths for effective safe usage.
5. Manufactured from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.
6. Easy and very convenient to use.
7. Ergonomically designed for the perfect grip.
8. Battery-free manual operation, no need for any replacement or charging.

1. Long extension to keep your eyes safe from any fire and smoke.
2. Makes the entire process highly efficient and effective.
3. Takes all the effort away from blowing the fire, less force effective blows.
4. Designed to be safe when blowing, keeps your mouth and lips harm free.
5. Perfect gift for your adventure enthusiast friends and family.
6. Manufactured to be anti-rust providing long life use.
7. Multiple functionalities can be used for blowing fire or assorting your hot coals.
8. Perfect tool for camping, BBQ, and much more.

Packaging Contains:
1 x Blow Tube.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel.
Size: As in the picture.


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