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The explanation behind having a solar fire starter is genuinely self-evident; to light fires. Yet, why sun based? A sunlight based fire beginning gadget can be a lifesaving instrument. At times, lighting a fire with whatever else may not be an alternative. The daylight may be the main force you have. At the point when this is the situation, you can utilize a sun based starter to light a fire in a short measure of time.

While matches and lighters are as yet the most effective choice – solar fire starters must be a nearby second. They are likewise extremely helpful just to have around the campground in the event that that individual who is continually taking lighters vanishes at an inappropriate time.  Regardless of whether you're trapped in a desperate condition or you're simply searching for an inventive and safe approach to begin open-air fires, you need your solar lighter to be solid, quick, simple to utilize, and strong. They are anything but difficult to store and are entirely solid. 

Simply point it at the sun and it lights like a flash!

1. Light in weight and portable to carry anywhere and everywhere.
2. Exclusively manufactured from Aluminum making it durable and long-lasting.
3. Waterproof design preventing you from any hassle.
4. Ergonomic windproof design, allows you to light a fire irrespective of wind.
5. Convex mirror converging the sun rays for efficient functionality.
6. Easy to use. Can be used by anyone in your camping group.
7. Eco-friendly material, environment safety is equally important as yours.
8. Can help to attain very high temperatures.

1. Perfect gift for your camping enthusiast friends and family.
2. Highly efficient product lights up in seconds.
3. Lights up a small safe fire that can be further built on with control.
4. Great tool for your hiking, camping, trekking experiences.
5. Multiple functionalities, light up your cigars at the beachside.
6. Can also be used as a makeup mirror for women.
7. Made keeping your affordability in mind. An effective product, affordable price.
8. Perfect tool for your survivor kit.

Package Contains:
1 x Solar Ignitor.

Weight: About 35g.
Material: Plastic+Aluminum.
Size: 10cm x 6cm.
Type: Pocket, Multi Tools.
Size: S.
Item: Fire Starter.
Features: Outdoor.


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