Salt and Pepper Mills

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Need freshly ground spices every time you sit to take your meal? We have an amazing Salt and Pepper Mill for you, that will give you freshly grounded salt and pepper on the go. The freshly ground spices are important and are more healthy then the already ground ones. The main reason being once spices are ground, they begin to oxidize and quickly start to lose their potency. This means you may need to use a larger amount of pre-ground spices, whereas you will need less freshly ground pepper, potentially saving you money and protecting your cooking from stale spices.

The Mills will not only save your time and effort but also will give you health benefits. This is a stylish, innovative, and safe product that you must have in your kitchen. It's really easy to choose the thickness you want Just turn the knob to choose the setting you prefer. Making regular use of a grinder for your coarse salt or peppercorns will provide an added touch of class and raise your standards for food preparation. So what are you waiting for? Grab these amazing mills now.

1. Portable and practical product.
2. Unique, modern, and stylish design.
3. Durable and naturally water-resistant.
4. Easily adjustable coarseness mechanism.
5. Decent speed and aesthetically pleasing.
6. High-quality grinding mechanism incorporated.
7. Manually operated wooden salt and pepper mills.
8. Equipped with the ceramic rotor, and no plastic material.
9. Moves ANTICLOCKWISE for coarseness, CLOCKWISE for fineness.

1. It is very easy to refill and clean.
2. Easy to use with a large capacity for ingredients.
3. Easy to fill and the best choice for an extra fine grind.
4. No stale taste in the dish but always fresh and delicious.
5. Easily grind the ingredient by removing the top, with no mess.
6. The water-resistant feature makes the salt or pepper from collecting moisture inside. 
7. The mills can be used in cooking, sprinkling, decorating, barbecue and camping. 
8. Equipping your kitchen with a good set of salt and pepper mills will be a long-term investment for the future.

Certification: CQI.
Certification: FDA.
Certification: SGS.
Type: Mills.
Mills Type: Salt & Pepper Mills.
Feature: Eco-Friendly.
Feature: Stocked.
Material: Wood.


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