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"I have two orphaned puppies, and I thought of taking this toy from them. I made a good choice. They did not notice at all that it would not be real, and they are very attached to it. I only sleep on the water or next to it. The product is beneficial, and I'm glad I bought it."
- Maya K.  Verified Customer

        HEYYDAR™ - Heartbeat Puppy Toy

Pet toys are the best strategy to promote natural behavior in pets and enhance their ability to learn. But the wool toys often get coarse and discolored after washing and drying. Some are not well made and start shredding and deteriorating when the dog chews them. The zipper area is sometimes elementary to pull, some toys are choking hazards, and pets can chew pieces off of them.

This Heartbeat Puppy Toy can help your pet ease fear, loneliness, and separation anxiety by recreating maternal intimacy with an advanced real-feel heartbeat and physical warmth. This pet calming solution is all-natural without restraint or medication. Pets are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. This toy helps in reducing negative behavior in them, such as barking and whining. You can give your pet a reliable, tried, true gift and help pets transition to their new home and sleep all through the night.

6 Reasons Why Our "Heartbeat Puppy Toy" Will Change Your Life

 ANXIETY RELIEF: This plush toy is designed with a cute animal shape, and it can help dogs relieve loneliness and separation anxiety in the absence of a companion. The high-quality plush, PP cotton material with a built-in heartbeat machine makes your pet feel comfortable even in complex environments like in travel or moving to a new home.

 REALISTIC HEARTBEAT PET TOY: This plush toy imitates real heartbeat and creates a comfortable environment that can accompany the pet not to feel lonely. The toy is perfect for adapting to a new place and helping sleep at night; the pet needs it.

 BUILD A STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Pets like to live in groups and cuddle with their partner. This snuggle buddy toy is manufactured in different shapes and heartbeats to develop the scene of companionship to help pets establish an intimate relationship with the toy.

✅ SUPER SOFT AND BEAUTIFUL: The toy is made of soft, comfortable, skin-friendly plush material, and the inside is filled with soft polypropylene cotton. This realistic heart beating dog is super safe to play with. The belly pocket is closed with a hook side to save the heart from falling.

 EASY TO CLEAN: The toy is made of top-quality skin-friendly fabric, which is easy to clean. It is machine washable after removing the heartbeat device.


✅ HEARTBEAT STIMULATOR: The toy contains a natural heartbeat stimulator that needs 3 AAA batteries. The toy's heartbeat will shut down after 8 hours.

Video Testimonial

Your worries become history if you buy these "Heartbeat Puppy Toy"

We understand the annoyance you experience after spending a hefty amount on stuffed toys with cheap material and poor quality. It feels irritating when pets chew up the stuffed toy within a few minutes, and the shreds can be swallowed. Poor quality, cheap material, bad stitching, and defective toys that don't work even after new batteries will be gone now.

With this Heartbeat Puppy Toy, you can make your crying pup happy. The pulsing heartbeat relaxes the pet with appealing instincts. It relieves anxiety, helps pets transition to a new place, and reduces stress caused by thunderstorms or fireworks. The dog toy can be an ideal product to reduce pet separation anxiety and loneliness. Whether your pets are new to the family or going through a tough time, this adorable plush toy helps calm them.


Package Including:

  • 1 x Puppy Toy


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Plush
  • Powered by: 2 x AAA Batteries (Not included)
  • Dimension: app.20x35x18cm/7.87x13.78x7.09in


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