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Wanting to achieve sleek, straight hair? Want your hair to be straight, smooth, and elegant at the convenience of your home? If all this is what you desire, then this professional hair straightener should definitely be in your beauty arsenal. You're going to need this hot tool to fulfill all your desires.

While most hair straighteners only serve the purpose of straightening your hair but when it comes to professional styling, the best hair straighteners pull of and deliver double the functionality. They're just not straighteners anymore, in fact, this uniquely designed product not only offers a straight, sleek look but also waves and curls with the flick of your wrist.

Shiny, healthy hair is always on-trend but sometimes, dry hair and high heat combined, results in doing more harm than good. Luckily, this professional straightener has a solution to end the misery of excessive heat and lack of protection by the state of the art smart temperature controllers.

With multiple colors, innovative design, and multi-functionality, we guarantee that this product is the most convenient, elegant, and modern answer to all your worries. 

1. Interesting lock design for simple storage and convenient carrying.
2. Smart temperature control sensor maintaining the temperature for the perfect styling.
3. LCD screen for you to enjoy your comfort through innovation.
4. Safety comes first, Automatically powers off after 60min to avoid any damage.
5. Specially installed silicone anti-scalding clips.
6. Innovatively designed for the perfect and effective hair grip.
7. Intelligent smart chip to ensure maximum and safe operation.
8. Elegant and stylish Backgrey along with Gold color. 
9. Lightweight and compact.
10. Durable for long time usage.
11. Highly efficient heat up in seconds.
12. Ceramic coated advanced heat plates.


1. Perfect and smooth hair straightening.
2. Simple and easy to use.
3. Exclusive 2 in 1 functionality, straightening with curling effect.
4. Professional comb structure designed for the hair to uniformly enter, equal pressure application, and achieve desirable and obvious effects.
5. Personalized constant temperature-controlled smartly preventing any damage to your hair and providing salon-fresh hair.
6. Revolutionary smart temperature controllers detect the moisture in your hair and control temperature accordingly ending all your safety concerns.
7. Provides more protection, less damage, and evidently sleek healthy hair.
8. Suitable for professionals as well as use at home.

Product name: Professional Version Roller Magic Hair Curler.
Voltage: 110 ~ 240V.
Power cord length: 2m. 
Power: 40W.
Product size: 22 x 4.5cm. 
Temperature control: 100 ~230 ° C (210~450 ° F).
Styling Waiting Time: 1 minute.
Heating plate material: ceramic glaze coating.

①The unique twist design can clamp the hair more effectively. The effect of straightening/curling hair is more obvious and the operation is simpler.

The unique comb structure allows the hair to be introduced into the heating plate, so that the hair is more fully heated and the straightening effect is more obvious.

②Intelligent temperature control, visual LCD display, enjoy the convenience and humanity brought by technology.

140 ~ 230 ° C (280 ° F ~ 450 ° F) temperature control. Personalized temperature keeps the hair from being damaged and operates intelligently.

③The intelligent chip controls the heating curve to increase the softness of the heat. Prevent the increase of rigidity from causing damage to the hair.

④Unique lock design for easy carrying and storage.

⑤Auto power off in 60 minutes to protect your life.

There are silicone anti-scalding clips to isolate the hair straightener, so that the heat will not hurt your body.

⑥Rotate the tail wire 360 degrees to prevent the wire from tangling. Humanized design details, consider every moment of use.

Two colors are available for personalization.

1). BlackGrey; 2). Gold;


5 levels of temperature control, more convenient for personalizing hair styling

50W high-power heating, greater heating intensity, saving a lot of waiting and modeling time;

The combination of straight hair and curly hair makes operation more convenient and easier to use.

The polished design of the heating plate does not stick to the hair, making it smoother to use.

PTC heats up softly without harming the hair. Ceramic coating, more uniform heat and more efficient.

Two-in-one industrial design, both curly hair and straight hair can be used. Buy one device for two uses.

Innovative spiral panel, easy to grasp hair, curling and straightening hair is more convenient and effective.


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