Smiling Face Tree

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People love to enrich a yard or nursery with a wide range of styles of stylistic layout, yet woods tree faces are among the most remarkable and excellent bits of yard craftsmanship accessible. Saturated with old-world convention, a tree face can include a downplayed, imaginative element your visitors will discuss. This unique smiling tree face presents a day grinning face ideal for a child's play zone. 

Mount the smiling face right to the trunk of a tree and it is intended to mix in with the bark, showing up as though the tree had a face and character and was smiling to all your guests to the woods. Easily installed within minutes, this brings a mystical, baffling touch to your garden! Mount them at eye level for everybody's viewing pleasure or high up in the branches.  Give your tree a character and add enchantment and riddle to your lawn with a smiling face tree.

No time to wait. Change your tree into the life of a personality NOW!

1. Beautiful innovative decoration for your trees.
2. Specially hand-cast and painted reflecting as an artistic masterpiece.
3. Perfect product to add fun and whimsy to your yard.
4. Durable and long-lasting.
5. Distinctive 3D smiling face.
6. Keyhole on the back for easy and quick installation.
7. Just the perfect Halloween surprise for all your neighbors.

1. Scultured to the best and finest details.
2. Beautifully packed for an exceptional presentation.
3. Designed with exact subtleties and adds character and profundity to any home, lawn, or wall.
4. An incredible choice for nature lovers and an exceptional housewarming present.
5. High-grade coating to prevent any fading.
6. Waterproof for outside use.
7. Provides an option to add a beautiful, colored flower bouquet on top.
8. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Material: Resin. 
Theme: Tree.


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