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Let us make you the dazzling star of the party with our amazing Neon Party Glasses. These wonderful glasses can attract anyone's attention and interest just by having a simple glance at these. This is a must have essential if you are a party monster and love to attend or arrange parties. When designing glasses, we have made wearing comfort a priority. They emit light from the lens. These fashionable glasses can be used for role playing, parties and all occasions. The beautiful neon party glasses comes in a combination of two colors. Just press the button and you can switch to fast flashing mode of your Light up Glasses So grab these right now.

1. Fashionable and modern product.
2. Made up of high quality plastic materials.
3. Safe, non-toxic and premium quality product.
4. The LED shutters glasses do not block off the vision.
5. They comes individually wrapped with pre-installed batteries.
6. Strong, sturdy, durable, reliable and long lasting party glasses.
7. No glare, no UV radiation, no effect on vision and no heat generation.
8. Color changing option available with wide range of colors to choose from.
9. High-quality materials for scratch resistance and high resistance to breakage.

1. Easily controlled by pressing the switch.
2. Makes you the star of the party or event.
3. Changes color instantly by pressing the switch.
4. The glasses can be used for role playing, parties and all occasions.
5. When designing glasses, we have made your wearing comfort a priority.
6. Provides the adequate power to ensure a longer continuous light up time.

7. It is definitely an eye-catching glasses that will draw attention in event, party, carnival or club.

Glow Supplies Type: Glow Sunglass.
Number of Pcs: 1pc.
Glowing Time: 72h.
Occasion: Wedding.
Occasion: Birthday Party.
Occasion: Graduation.
Occasion: Chinese New Year.
Occasion: Party.
Occasion: Wedding & Engagement.
Occasion: New Year.
Occasion: Grand Event.



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