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Fond of collecting different crystals? You have landed on right place then. We have a huge and beautiful collection of Natural Stones Crystals that will not only fulfil your passion of collecting and keeping them but also can give a chic yet classy look to your home or work area.

Natural crystal and stone have the energy from nature, crystal point can better concentrate the energy in the top part, is used to heal, adjust the body, the best tool of the spirit body.

Our stones have been hand-picked to bring to the table a full purifying and illuminating POWERFUL HEALING - From physical diseases to passionate issues, to just eliminating cynicism from your life and home, this set has you secured.

1. Hand-picked high quality natural crystal stones.
2. These natural stones are polished by a special and reliable process.
3. The surface of crystals is smooth and bright and the touch is lubricated.
4. Different stones indicates different purpose such as healing stone and love stone etc.
5. Protects the human body will not be too much interference by electromagnetic wave.
6. Form a powerful energy field from the center and the energy will be emitted straight out from the top tip, wherever the crystal pillar is placed.

1. Relaxes the body and sharpens the mind.
2. Reduces electromagnetic radiations as well.
3. Personal source of inspiration and meditation. 
4. Perfect for drawing room or loving room decoration.
5. Improves works efficiency and better concentration.
6. These stones helps with healing, depression and negativity also.
7. One of the most beneficial healing crystals to have in your home.
8. Placing on a windowsill, adds a pillar of light throughout your space.
9. Helps in clearing one's mind of tangled thoughts and refreshes spirit also.
10. Extremely incredible for manifestation, assisting with showing your fantasies, wishes and expectations quicker.



Theme: Pyramid.
Material: Stone.
Color 1: Red Green Blue Black Purple.
Color 2: Pink Yellow White Colorful.
Technology: Manual polishing.
Material: Natural Stone and Crystal.
Weight: 20-60g.
Shape: Point Wand.
Height: 50-80mm.
width: 15-20mm.
Sale Mode: Retail , Wholesale , Drop shipping.
Product Using: Home decoration and DIY gifts.
Suitable position: Study living room and bedroom.
Product Sale Unit: 1 Piece.

Size and weight:
length:50-60 mm, width:15-20 mm, thickness:15-20 mm, weight:20-30 g
length:61-70 mm, width:15-20 mm, thickness:15-20 mm, weight:30-40 g
length:71-80 mm, width:15-20 mm, thickness:15-20 mm, weight:40-50 g


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