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Staying at home or office in front of your desk most of the time, working out intensive workouts? In any case, your muscles are working overtime causing that muscle aches, stiffness, and pain that you feel. This is mainly due to your posture. One way to combat these pains is definitely proper posture but also massaging those muscles that sore.

Massaging added with rest will get you back quicker and fresher in no time.  Nowadays the busy life routine doesn't allow us to frequently visit the massage center, so why not bring the innovative yet affordable masseuse to you? This portable electric massage gun is specially designed to solve all your problems and take care of those muscles for you.


1. Premium quality brushless motor for a much more stable and comfortable experience.

2. 4-speed adjustment levels fitting your purpose. Be it warming up, injured muscles, muscle pain, etc.

3. Ergonomic design preventing any damage to your bones while you enjoy the experience.

4. Multiple specialty massage heads serving your every purpose hassle-free.

5. High endurance, low noise.

6. LCD touch screen.

7. Variety is of colors available.

8. Exclusive case making it your perfect travel partner.

9. Energy-saving with great heat dissipation.

10. Rechargeable, portable, and easy to use.



1. Enhances your blood circulation for post-workout relief.

2. Improves the overall health of body soft tissues.

3. Powerful motor providing deep penetrating vibration increasing your strength and endurance.

4. Promotes muscle repair resulting in shortened injured muscle recovery time.

5. Improves your mobility and flexibility.

6. Freshens up your day from the outside all down to your soul.

7. Provides relief to your sore tendons.

8. Relieves lactic acid and alleviates joint pains.



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