Smart Shoulder Neck Massager

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Product description


Do your neck and shoulders cause troubling pain while continuously working? Tried any ways to ease up that pain?

Working long time shifts or facing the computer badly effects and makes the neck hurt. If you are unable to get proper rest then allow our smart shoulder and neck massage to relieve your pain and take out all that stress and tension from them, allowing you to deservingly relax.

This compact, beautiful, and unique massager provides you with clinical relief using electronic pulses for maximum and instant relief by stimulating your muscles. Not only does it provide relief but also restores any damage to your cervical balance.

We understand that your busy routine doesn't provide you with time for a professional massage therapist, but after using this product. We guarantee that you won't need to.

1. Smart innovative product with voice intelligence.
2. Ring traction to fit your natural physiological curvature for soothing traction and adjusting the cervical posture.
3. Convenient one key switch.
4. Stylish and elegantly designed.
5. 3 Massage heads massaging your right pain points.
6. Portable and easy to carry.
7. Low-frequency electrical pulse technology for better penetration.
8. Constant temperature massage to effectively relax your muscles.
9. Rechargeable battery for long comfortable usage.

1. Relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation throughout your cervical spine.
2. 3 massage modes for your professional physiotherapeutic experience.
3. Designed for comfortable wearing.
4. Smart intelligent voice operation.
5. Skin-friendly having no allergic effect on your skin.
6. One-touch smart operation.
7. High elastic and tough product with innovative headset design.
8. Suitable for all types of people to enjoy and get rid of that stress and pain.
9. Provides relief to neck soreness and muscle tiredness.
10. Enjoy your perfect massage anywhere and everywhere.

Package Contains:

1 x Neck massager set.



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