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Product description
A campfire or any fireplace is enchanted. How the coals gleam and the blazes glimmer and the sparkles pop and shower, it's mesmerizing isn't it? In any case, you can make it much more mysterious and surprise your guests or loved ones with our Special Fire Magic product. An infrequent surprise makes any fireplace and that time something to be recollected.

Our packets of Magic Fire are ensured to up the  joy factor at any fireside gathering. These packets changes wood-consuming fire into lively neon hues. The item is ideal for inside and outside in light of the fact that it doesn't transmit scent or smoke. However, the best part is, it's overly simple to utilize. Simply throw a couple of unopened packets into the fire. Sit back, unwind and appreciate the view. The colourful view of fire keep going for 45 minutes to 60 minutes — so you can appreciate all the evolving hues. A lot of time to loosen up and get comfortable.

Grab you Magic Fire packets right now and make your fireplace the most astonishing and mesmerizing one has ever seen.

1. Transforms your normal fire into a vibrant colourful fire instantly.
2. Multicolour reflection, includes blue, green, red, and many more.
3. Economical and worth every single dime. 1-3 packets do the trick.
4. Sit back and enjoy the colourful experience for a long time.
5. Small in size and light weight.
6. Hassle free, simply drop the packets unopened into the fire and enjoy.
7. Gives a perfect rainbow coloured flame.
8. Environment friendly, made in compliance to all relevant standards.
9. Gives out no harmful smoke or odour.
10. Long shelf life, to be used whenever you want.

1. Perfect to have fun with everyone including adults, kids etc.
2. Bright vibrant colours beautify the magical experience evidently.
3. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
4. Safe to use, your safety is all that matters.
5. Easily portable to be used while going for camping.
6. Long lasting effect allowing you to get all set up and enjoy the sight of a magical fire together.
7. Can be used in any season throughout the year.


Material: Metal.
Weight: 10g/15g/25g.
Type: Pocket, Multi Tools.
Size: M.
Material: Metal.
Type: Magic Fire Colourful Flames Powder.
Warning: DO NOT EAT.


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