LED Wireless cycling vest

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All the cycling lovers and professional bikers out there, your riding experience is incomplete without this amazing product. LED Wireless Cycling West is especially designed for the riders and cycling lovers so that they gives an indicator to the vehicle behind them. 

The Hi Vis Backpack Widget can be seen from in excess of 500 yards away - Glowing LED lights keeps you light up the night and safe in the daytime. 4 Eye Catching LED Signals, Looks Amazing: Choose your liked - Left/Right/Forward/Stop contingent upon your prerequisites. From blinkers to crisis signals, feel more secure realizing wireless cycling vest will remind travelers and drivers keep good ways from you.

The LED will react to flag got from distant regulator, which will emphatically upgrade your own wellbeing while at the same time running, running, canine strolling, climbing, cycling, motor biking and that's just the beginning. Tied or mounted the remote transmitter on the bicycle, so you never needs to take their hands off the handlebar. Furthermore, it very well may be utilized as a remote bicycle blinker light. So grab yours right now.

1. Mobile remote control design.
2. Net bag embedded in the inner layer.
3. Adjustable and easily assembled vest.
4. Wireless transmitter with LED turn signals.
5. Made up of high quality PC and ABS materials.
6. The cycling vest is equipped with elastic straps.
7. Light board with reflective tape and switch for access.
8. Nylon webbing with expansion buckle incorporated.
9. 4 LED signals: left, right, forward, stop, turn signal to emergency signal.
10. Waterproof fabric, with good water resistance, and effectively prevent rain.
11. The LED remote warning backpack is like a traffic signal; when you want to turn left or right or stop, the corresponding signal will be sent through the remote control.

1. Easy to wear and quick release. 
2. Simple, compact, and easy to use product.
3. Absolutely a perfect add-on for road cycling.
4. It can be used as a wireless bike turn signal light.
5. LED Running Vest can be easily worn over a T-shirt.
6. The net bag in the inner layer can hold necessary items.
7. The LED signals will remind the driver to keep the distance.
8. Stylish design and unique appearance make you stand out.
9. Regardless of day and night, the riding warning light will remind people around, so that you are safer.


Package Contains: 
1 LED indicator pack, 1 remote control, 1 remote control card holder, 4 cable ties, 1 USB cable, 1 copy of instruction manual. 
1. All the pictures have been professionally corrected, but due to the different ambient light and different display device settings, there may be some deviations in the pictures and items themselves. Please understand. 

Suitable for use: cycling, camping, hiking, climbing, outing, daily leisure. 
Main functions: cycling, climbing, travel light steering, indicator lights. 
2.4G wireless led signal riding vest. 
Product size: 250*250mm. 
Packing: Nylon. 
Function: Turn indicator and parking warning. 
Shell material: PC+ABS. 
Communication method: wireless frequency 2.4GHZ. 
Control distance: 3m. 
Backpack/Pendant: Waterproof fabric. 
Working time: 12-15H. 
Charging time: 3H (with LED indicator). 
Remote control battery: 2xCR2032 (built-in). 
Receiving battery: 4.2V, 650mAh lithium battery. 
Instruction type: Turn left, turn right, forward, stop standby.

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