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Product description
A lot of you would be wondering that "What use are these laser pointers?" Certainly, there are numerous valuable customer applications: Introduction, presentations, star looking with others, and playing with pets. In a crisis during your camping trip, a laser pointer can be more compelling than an electric lamp in flagging the rescue team. Pointers likewise have a spot in the lecture hall, as an indicator and also study science.

This exclusive laser pointer is a valuable instrument to demonstrate and show your kids stars and various planetary bodies in the sky. These gadgets are basic yet incredibly ground-breaking – you can utilize one even as a lighter for campfires. With this laster pointer, we could without much of a stretch do a lot of stuff. This multi-color laser gadget offers an electronic circuit that ensures an entirely stable brightness over an extensive period of time. The laser pointer is specially designed to produce power of 5 mW, keeping yours and your loved ones safety in high consideration. Children could likewise participate in utilizing our colorful laser pointer to play with their pets and have fun.

Time to stop reading and get your hands on this exclusive edition of laser pointer right away!

1. Specially manufacture fo Copper and Aluminum for strength, durability, and long life.
2. Light in weight and portable, carry it wherever you'd like.
3. Simple to use, one-button operation.
4. Multicolor, lightening up your experience.
5. Battery operated, convenient to use.
6. Ergonomically designed for a better grip.
7. Eco-friendly materials used while manufacturing.
8. Multiple functionalities for various professionals making it an affordable product to buy.

1. Perfect gift for your loved ones.
2. Handy tool during emergency situations at night.
3. Gives teachers the freedom while delivering lectures or presentations.
4. 5mW power for a safe purposeful experience.
5. Non-toxic material, your safety is of utmost priority.
6. Delightful product for your children's amusement.
7. Long-range that meets your requirements.
8. Compact in size, strong in purpose.
Kindly Note:
1. Please don't shoot the light directly to the eyes of humans or animals.
2. Please remove the batteries when you don't use it, and keep it away from the child.
3. We suggest the continuous illumining use should be less than 1 minute, in case of the excessive heat influence the service life.
4. If you find that the brightness of the laser beam is seriously reduced, please note that to charge the battery or replace the battery.
Package Contains:
1 x Laser Pen (battery not included).
Material: Copper + Aluminum.
Product Size: 14 × 155mm.
Item Color: Black.
Beam Style: Continuous line.
Light Color: Red, Green, Blue Violet.
Light Style: One light beam (single dot).
Output Wavelength: Red: 650nm, Green: 532nm, Blue Violet: 405nm.
Output Power: 5mW.
Laser Range: Red: 500 meters, Green: 500-1000 meters, Blue Violet: 10-100 meters.
Power Supply: 2 x AAA battery (not included).
Operating Voltage: DC = 3.0V.
Operating Current: <350mA.


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