Laser heated air knee Massage
Laser heated air knee Massage
Laser heated air knee Massage
Laser heated air knee Massage
Laser heated air knee Massage
Laser heated air knee Massage

Laser heated air knee Massage

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Is it accurate to say that you are living with joint pain or managing knee joint agony, swelling, and stiffness? You can improve your life by investing into this innovative laser heated knee massager. This product will prove to be useful to give you a medication free and compelling help with discomfort experience. The knee heat massager is exceptionally reasonably priced thus you can get one to help your personal satisfaction.

At the point when we age, physical inconveniences gets one of the conspicuous parts of our day by day life. Yet, in the event that we make a rundown of the basic ones, at that point knee pain, unquestionably, will be on the head of the rundown.  Specialised infrared radiation deeply penetrates into your knee muscles providing instant, yet effective relief and reduces any inflammation.

Also, this product accompanies numerous massage modes and intensities to guarantee that it takes into account your own needs. Something that you will adore about this item is it accompanies an enduring battery that encourages long duration use. To guarantee simple charging, this knee massager can be charged utilizing an all inclusive USB connector.

1. Light in weight and portable design.
2. Generates just the perfect heat to relieve you from that constant pain.
3. Phototherapy treatment, red light cooling effect.
4. One button operation, easy to use.
5. Deep penetration to provide comfort within.
6. Large display for mode and intensity level selection.
7. Perfect air compression, air bag massage making all that stress fade away.
8. Far Infraredrays for effective and efficient relief.
9. Long battery life, providing you comfort for hours.
10. Multiple massage modes giving you a wide variety to choose from.
11. Versatile and innovative design.


1. 5 intensity level airbag, wraps perfectly arund your knee and compression airbag for the perfect massage. 
2. Multiple temperature selection (14) to provide the right heat.
3. Improves blood circulation resulting in comfort and proper knee functionality.
4. Deep penetrating infrared radiation, exciting the muscles and decreasing inflammation.
5. Effectivley enhances the recovery process by Magnetic energy. 
6. Can work on elbow, knees, and shoulders.
7. Great for people dealing with arthritis.
8. Generates powerful vibrations and comfortable heating.
9. Safe to use.
10. Alleviates joint swelling, joint pain, and muscle stiffness.
11. Say goodbye to all those medicines as this massager will provides a drug-free and customized pain relief.
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation.
Material: Composite Material.
Application: Leg.

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