12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp

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Product description

"I absolutely LOVE this light. I ordered this light and really did not know what to expect but I can tell you, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I use regular nail polish and this light does a fantastic job drying my nails in just a few seconds!! You can’t go wrong with buying this light!!!!!"


Tired of having to visit the salon frequently? What if we bring the salon to you? Cool, right? Nail gels are specifically designed to prevent evaporation and it is impossible to harden them by air drying. The only solution to that is to dry the nail gel with UV LED light.
This exclusive UV LED nail drying lamp is recognized throughout the world by professionals and salons for being an effective and efficient product to get the job done with convenience. Not only does this provide you comfort but it saves you from that extra expenditure and waiting time you have to through at your salons.
Easy to carry and easy to fit into the handbag and your pant's or coat's pocket.


The smart sensor allows the automated curing process to start without manual operations. Hands/feet in, lamp on. Hands/feet out, lamp off. Nail dryers are also adjustable in 4 timer settings of 10s/30s/60s/99s and have an LCD digital display, so you can freely arrange curing times according to different gel polish.


A long-lasting lamp made of advanced materials with 6 light beads makes its life span up to 50,000 hrs without changing the bulbs. Durable, convenient, and safer compared to other UV LED dryers.


Long-term using gel nail lamp will inevitably leave residues such as nail polish and bright powder insides, which will breed bacteria. But because the base and the lamp body are attracted by magnets, you could easily remove the base and keep it clean.


Our nail light generates daylight non-ultraviolet white light safe for eyes and won’t cause black hands. With a beautiful silicone pad, durable quality and all user-friendly designs, this led nail lamp is a great gift for you, friends, lovers and your family!
Do you want a portable Mini-Salon that can bring it anywhere? This UV LED lamp can meet your demand. The UV LED nail lamp also a perfect gift for family and friends. It won’t take you too much money, but it is professional for a salon.


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