Knife Sharpener 4 in 1 Diamond Coated Fine

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Product description

Cannot cut your ingredients in the right shape? The Knife Sharpener 4 in 1 Diamond Coated Fine will sharpen your knife in no time resulting in better cutting experience. This sharpener works great on every type of knives and scissors. 
The different stages of sharpening: fine, ceramic, and coarse ensures the perfect sharpening result. It is large enough to handle it properly and small enough to fit in any kitchen drawer. This is a perfect complement in any kitchen. So keep your knives and scissors ready to use by grabbing it right now.

1. Very robust and durable sharpener.
2. Stainless steel material and silicone handle for durability and affordability.
3.. Multipurpose functionality, for grinding and polishing.
4. The silicon handle is ergonomically designed for perfect handling.
5. Stable base with non-slip cushion at its bottom.
6. 3 step slot material: ceramic + tungsten steel + diamond.
7. Lightweight and portable. 
8. 4 slots serving just the right purpose to meet all your sharpening needs.9. Replaceable sharpening heads.
1. Saves a lot of time and effort.
2. large enough to handle properly.
3. Small enough to fit in your kitchen.
4. Ideal for any type of knives and scissors.
5. Great gift for a friend who loves cooking.
6. Sleek and safe design which is easy to use and clean.
7. Minimalist design that will bring style to your kitchen.
8. The non-skid rubber feet ensure your steadiness when sharpening.
9. Comfortable grip and safety when sharpening all your kitchen cutters and scissors.


How to use:
1. For the scissors: use step 1 by opening the scissors and inserting them into the slot. Regularly hold the sharpener and sharpener for 5-7 times.
2. For steel knives: place the knife in step 2 and sharpen 3 to 5 times towards you only. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a more defined finish.
1- (diamond abrasives) for scissors.
2- Coarse (carbide blades) for blunt knives.
3- Medium (diamond abrasives) for daily use.
4- Fine (Ceramic shanks) for knives needing polishing.

The ergonomic silicone handle and non-slip base provide the ultimate comfortable grip and safety when sharpening all your kitchen knives and scissors. 

Please do not sharpen the knife when moving back and forth.

No.1 questions and answers:
What will be included in the package after you choose it?
- Option 1: Package Included: Complete Knife Sharpener x 1.
- Option 2: package included: knife sharpener complete x 1 + spare blade slot x 1.


No.2 questions and answers:
How to use the 3 step knife sharpener to sharpen the kitchen knife?
- 1st step: "ceramic" step (preparation): to repair damaged blades and straighten the blades before sharpening.
- 2nd step: “coarse” step (sharpening): sharpens the blade and restores the “V” -a shaped edge.
- 3rd step: “FINE” step: polishes the blade and smooths out any surface irregularities that may have been caused.

Certification: CE / EU.
Certification: FDA.
Certification: EEC.
Certification: LFGB.
Certification: SGS.
Certification: CQI.
Feature: Stocked.
Feature: Eco-Friendly.
Type: Sharpeners.
Metal Type: Tungsten steel.
Suitable for: kitchen knives and scissors.
Functions: 3 stages to get the best knife sharp for all dullness.
Bottom material: Non-slip cushion bottom.
Handle material: Silicone.
Product name: Knife sharpener.


Please do not sharpen the knife by moving back and forth.

One direction only




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