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Product description
Are you someone who ends up cutting un-even onion slices and the smell remains on hands for too long? This is definitely your magic product then. Presenting the Kitchen Gadget Onion Slicer Tool which will make your cutting times easy and fun. Just penetrate the slicer in onion and start cutting with a knife in between its sharp prongs. Its reinforced strong plastic handle gives you a good grip while ensuring your safety. It will hold your onion steady and guide your knife for even slicing.
Not just on onions, this magic tool can work well on other hard ingredients such as fruits, potatoes, spring onions, carrots, lemons, and even garlic. The prongs are made up of strong stainless steel to ensure that they will always remain ultra sharp.This tool can also be used for meat and fish to keep them stable and ensure fast cutting. Now you won't have to hurt yourself while cutting, this magic product will do everything for you. So hurry up and add this amazing item to your cart right now.
1. BPA free, your health matters.
2. Non-slip.
3. Food grade.
4. Thick plastic handle.
5. Stainless steel prongs.
6. Durable reinforcement.
7. Comfortable handle for a tight grip.
8. Light in weight.
9. Ergonomic innovative design.
1. No cuts on hands.
2. Consumes less space.
3. Easy to use and clean.
4. Saves time and labor.
5. Even slicing in no time.
6. It can be used for meat as well.
7. Very safe and convenient.
8. Perfect for someone with a poor grip.
9. Easy hold handle allows for a firm grip.
10. Works on other fruits and veggies too.
11. Keeps onions stable and creates even slices every time.

Size: 11 x 7.8 cm.

Package Contains:
1x Onion Vegetables Slicer Cutting.



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