Kalimba music instrument


Annexed to music instruments and need to have your own one? This is the blessed spot where you have shown up by at that point. Our notable and stunning Kalimba - Africa Piano is a sure essential for you. This kalimba is unquestionably not difficult to pass on with you anyplace. So now you can play a splendid sound on this in a gathering or amassing of associates and can have everyone's eyes on you.

This is a quality and strong instrument that can last you a lifetime. In any event, a point is that you would have the choice to play as much as 17 or 21 tones on this acrylic kalimba. An amazing and fun addition is that the number of demo songs that you can now play on it ranges from 51-100. This way, you will have more talent of yours to showcase. So grab your great kalimba now and gain some remarkable experiences.

1. Nice sound and curved notes.
2. International standard C tunes.
3. The kalimba keys are engraved with keys and notes.
4. Pure tone, good resonance, and more pleasant sound.
5. Made up of high-quality mahogany and ore steel bars.
6. Elegant and professional seventeen-key kalimba instrument.
7. Beautiful appearance and built with exquisite workmanship.
8. Producing soothing low volume tones are easy to make when plucking the note tones with your fingers.
9. The kalimba has a sequence of harmonic overtones whose frequencies are integer multiples of the fundamental.

1. Lightweight and easy to clean product.
2. Ideal gift for a music lover friend or fellow.
3. Easy to play and quick learning and wide use.
4. A good companion during solo trips or walks.
5. More convenient than other stickers notes thumb piano.
6. Durable, portable, and easy to carry anywhere with you.
7. The small size can easily be carried in a small bag or pocket.
8. Produces soothing music that can give a good relaxation time.
9. Small size pocket piano for performance, recording, family, outdoor, school, party, and relaxation.

Applicable People: Beginner.
Type: Upright Piano.
Number of Tone: 17.
Model Number: 17/21 keys kalimba.
Shell Material: Mahogany.
Keyboard Material: Solid Wood.
Soundboard Material: Solid Wood.
Number of Keys: 17.
Weight (kg): 0.6.
Maximum Polyphony: 17.
Number of Demo Song: 51-100.
Size: 23*17*7.
Color: Blue; brown.
Design: Round hole.