HEYYDAR™ - Heavy Jump Rope

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"Purchasing this rope was one of the best investments I made in exercise equipment. It is suitable to apply the upper body when jumping with it and helps a lot to build endurance. I recommended!"
- L. Johnson Verified Customer


HEYYDAR™ - Heavy Jump Rope

We, as fitness enthusiasts, are always disappointed when it comes to the durability of jumping ropes. People incorporate their jumping ropes into their cardio workouts, and several times the cord wholly split in half because of the cheap material. Some strings don’t have handles with skin-friendly material, and they cause blisters on our hands. We always look for a jumping rope featuring agility, stiffness, and endurance.

Worry not! This Heavy Jump Rope has it all! This jumping rope is heavier than the usual jump ropes, and it is specifically made to help you burn those extra calories and have a great workout during jumping or skipping. It offers footwork, agility, and coordination. It can be an ideal exercise tool to promote weight loss and increase muscular strength. This polyester rope is perfect for men and women and excellent for any workout, including CrossFit, boxing, and low-impact exercise programs.


6 Reasons Why Our "Heavy Jump Rope" Will Change Your Life


MEETS EVERY EXERCISE NEED: Made with extremely thick and soft polyester, it offers a great workout while skipping or jumping with these. This weighted jump rope is heavier than the standard jump rope. It can help you build muscle and exert more energy. With input from customers and fitness experts, we created two different jump rope diameters. The different diameters meet the needs of men and women alike.


A POWER WORKOUT: We have designed this heavy-duty, triple-stranded jump rope for a power workout. You can improve coordination, agility, footwork, quickness, and endurance with a rope body that is strong and reliable. It helps you achieve your sports goal more effectively.

VARIOUS MUSCLE WORKOUTS: With this heavy jump rope, you can condition your body, burn many calories, and increase your strength and weight loss. Get the right curve for your abdominal, chest, back, and leg muscles.

GET FIT FASTER: This rope offers more exercise in one jump than an ordinary skipping rope offers in 10 jumps; the result is a faster, more effective exercise effect than any other jumping rope.

HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH MATERIAL: The polyester blend used in our jump rope has a high tensile strength to prevent bending. The cord is protected against friction by a different lengthened version of nylon sleeves, and the rope has rubber handles that are solid and durable.

EXERCISE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: This heavy jump rope is perfect for men, women, and athletes, especially swimmers, boxers, martial artists, baseball, football, and tennis players. You don't need much time or money spent on a gym membership if you're at work, home, or the gym.


Your worries become history if you buy these "Heavy Jump Rope"

As athletes, we love buying those ropes that usually have handles instead of melted rubber over the rope for a more robust grasp that didn't move. Some rope companies promise high-quality material, but the cord gets broken after the 6th workout, which makes us super disappointed. At times we receive defective products and burn our money, and other times, for some people, coordination with a jump rope is not easy, and we wish they could use longer cords and more weight in the balls.

This Heavy Jump Rope is dynamic and can be the best investment for improving general strength and conditioning. It engages the arms, shoulders, hands, back, core, and even legs as a full-body workout tool. It offers special physical fitness training for swimmers, boxers, baseball players, and martial artists. You can use this rope for pulling, undulation, climbing, or pulling exercises alone or as a part of a team.


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Package Including:

  • 1 x Plush Thermal Pants


Product Description

  • Material: Polyester rope + rubber handle
  • Length: 2.8m/3m
  • Diameter:25mm
  • Weight: 1.2kg


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