Japanese Style Teacup Water Cup

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Let's bring the vintage trend back with these amazing Japanese Style Teacup/Water Cup. These ceramic cups are perfect for having a hot cup of tea/coffee or just having plain water. Its elegant design represents simplicity and purity. This is a microwave safe product so you can warm up your drink before having it. Can be used in traveling as well. This is surely a great gift for a tea/coffee lover. 

Unlike the more formal teacups which is used during the Japanese tea ceremony, this made for daily /informal tea drinking. The small cups allow you to really appreciate the taste and flavor of each stage of the tea. So grab this product and invite your best friend for a few gossips over amazing tea/coffee.

1. Ceramic material.
2. Non-rust.
3. Elegant design.
4. No handle in traditional style.
5. Microwave safe.
6. perfect decoration piece to uplift the essence of your surrounding.
7. Multiple artistic designs available.
8. Unique art embellishing your table.
9.  Flexibility to fit your needs and budget.
10. A perfect balance between weight, durability, and thickness.
11. Eco-Friendly, enriching the environment in its artistic ways.


1. Durable and long-lasting, if handled with care.
2. Retains heat well for the perfect sip of tea.
3. Impermeable, dense, and hard.
4. Beautify your dining table with these artistic teacups.
5. Easy to wash after use.
6. Can even be used as decoration pieces for an exquisite living environment.
7. Dry up efficiently for multiple times of use.
8. Enhance the aroma of your tea with these ceramic teacups.
9. Perfect tool for a perfect tea master.
10. Drinking in ceramic tea cups is good for your health.
11. Enhances the taste of your tea.

Type: Teacups.
Material: ceramic.
Ceramic Type: Porcelain.

Type: Teacups.
Technique: Pigmented.
Drinkware Type: Cups & Saucers.
Material: ceramic.
Ceramic Type: Porcelain.
Certification: CQI.
Feature: Eco-Friendly.
Quantity: 1.



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