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"This Hula hula hoop is fun, and at the same time, you do movement and exercise. I adjusted the ties to fit me, the weight stayed around as long as I hooked it up, and I was drenched in sweat after 20 minutes! I can say it’s working for me."
- Alice's Rogers Verified Customer

        HEYYDAR™ - Hula Hoops Abdominal

As fitness enthusiasts, we love hula hoops to shape our bodies, reduce belly fat and weight. But unfortunately, sometimes hula hoop is wrong. If you move your knees with it, it might hurt you. We all have also experienced buying a hula hoop made from cheap plastic, and it was making a crazy loud noise like a wooden rollercoaster. Some hula hoops are too big or too heavy, making workouts an annoying activity instead of fun.

Luckily, this Hula Hoops Abdominal is an authentic tool ideal for exercise from home, even with your kids and pets. It is a perfect choice for an indoor workout, appropriate for all adults who want to lose weight. It is portable, and you can carry it anytime and anywhere without any restriction. The Hard ABS material makes it sturdy and durable. The flexible 360-degree silent rollers can rotate easily, and the shock-absorbing massage contacts connect fully to your muscles and help align your waist and body shape.

6 Reasons Why Our "Hula Hoops Abdominal" Will Change Your Life

 TOP-TIER WORKOUT MATERIAL: This Hula Hoops Abdominal is made of high-quality hard ABS plastic that can assist prolong the service life and keep it from aging efficiently. Dissimilar to other typical fitness circles, this hula hoop has upgraded contacts that work phenomenally for workout AND WEIGHT LOSS.

 HULA HOP FOR ALL: This fitness hula hoop is extremely easy to use. You can put it on your waist, and it won’t slip during a workout, so newbies can also use it. While using this fitness gadget, body fat will burn fast as the speed it offers is 2-times more quickly than the usual hula hoops.

 EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE WITH WEIGHTED BALL: The gravity ball will rotate 360-degree around your waist during the workout. It is always connected to the two sets of silent bearings that rotate conveniently during high-speed rotation and bring you comfortable sports exercise without creating noise.

 SUITABLE FOR ALL ADULTS & KIDS: The buckle design with the spliced and 24-freely detachable components makes it an ideal choice to connect firmly and efficiently operate. You can adjust the size according to your requirements.

 DETACHABLE DESIGN & IDEAL FOR ALL FIGURES: The hula hoop is made of 24 separable contacts, which can be connected to fit every type of waist size, maximum 47.24 inches, and it can be broken apart at the push of a button. Every user can adjust it according to their waist circumference.

 EASY TO USE 2 IN 1 FITNESS MASSAGE: In comparison to the other traditional hula hoops, the latest intelligent weighted hula hoop is convenient to use and will not fall. Even newbies can use it. While hula hooping, the shock-absorbing massage head supports your back to relieve back pain.



Video Testimonial

Your worries become history if you buy these "Hula Hoops Abdominal"

We understand that you are super concerned about those extra calories. And you definitely can’t lose them with a hula hoop that has no settings for adjustment. Often, a hula hoop that is made from cheap material, during assembly, snaps into itself, making both sides useless. The cheap material (even if it’s the foam around it) alarms you, for all the pieces go flying everywhere when you try to use it. When the hula hoop falls on your ankle during the hooping around your waist and breaks, that’s frustrating.

This Hula Hoops Abdominal is a great adult alternative for gym exercise to shape up your waist. As the ball weights, the ring doesn’t fall in the middle of training, goes around your waist, and is easy to assemble according to the size of your body. It can make you sweat in no time and be highly supportive if you have chronic back pain to adjust the size and weight. Enjoy your home workout with our Fitness Equipment Yoga Home Training hoop with super comfortable and brilliant massage nobs. 


Package Including:

  • 1 x Plush Thermal Pants


Pay attention:
The sports hoop ball does not contain fillers, and please fill it by yourself. The user can change the number of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball according to their bearing. For beginners, it is recommended not to exceed 200g.


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