Heat Resistant Glass Teapot Kettle

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Give your kitchen a beautiful addition to this amazing product. Heat Resistant Glass Teapot Kettle is used to make tea or coffee. The excellent quality of the product gives an amazing brew to your hot drink. The product is manufactured with supreme quality glass along with it is heat resistant as well. The ordinary kettles come with low-quality infuser with the all-time worry of rusting but this amazing teapot kettle makes you worry-free of rusting as it uses plasticine that adds to the overall quality of the product.

Moreover, this is a two-in-one product. After the tea or coffee has been brewed, it can be used as a teapot to serve the hot drink. The kettle comes with a capacity of 1.25 liters making it possible for you to serve 4-5 people easily. This is a perfect kitchen accessory for hosting guests or brewing up some hot drinks for friends and family.

1. Heat Resistant, protecting your hands from any heat burns.
2. Glass material.
3. Efficient and effective infuser installed.
4. High Quality manufactured product.
5. Enough capacity to cater all your needs.
6. Ergonomic curved handle for a comfortable experience.
7. Ultra fine stainless steel mesh acting as a filter to extract the best while providing a delightful experience.

1. Rust free.
2. Non-toxic materials.
3. Easy and safe to use.
4. Easy to clean and wash.
5. Act as a serving pot too.
6. Easily holds capacity to serve 4-5 people at once.
7. Glass material has no affect on the taste or color of the tea.

Material: Glass,
Inner Filter Material: 304 stainless steel mesh.
Capacity: 1.2L,
Quantity: 1 piece.
material: High borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel.
Material: Glass.
Capacity: 1.2L.
Packing: Safety Foam Box.
Inner Filter Material: 304 stainless steel mesh.
Quantity: 1 piece.



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