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Do you have plants in your home? Would you like to show them in an extraordinary manner? These plant holders are carefully hand-made which is the most ideal decision for you to mastermind your indoor plants any place you need in an exceptional manner !!!

Plants empower the home! In a time where interfacing with nature regularly requires planned outings, bringing the outside inside is a welcome relief from the concrete and solid that makes up our living environment In any case, imagine a scenario where you're lacking in space to oblige customary houseplants. These exclusive Handmade Plant Hangers are the appropriate solution!

Hanging plants makes it simple to begin a vertical nursery in any place you are. Regardless of whether you're hoping to breathe life into your office workspace or need to spruce up the environment of your condo. We are confident that you'll discover something from our vast variety to suit your maturing indoor nursery among these Handmade Plant Hangers.

Our plant holder lovely attractive can style your wall and give your room warm inclination. Show your plants some adoration with this rich, vintage-roused plant holder. 

1. Special handmade, the hand-knotted design reflecting on the perfect blend of modern design and fashion.
2. Beige color and exclusive beads attached to brighten up your space.
3. Durable and strong to withstand any plant pot.
4. Convenient to hang on any wall you like.
5. Suitable for various pot sizes, adjusts to your needs.
6. Applicable for indoor and outdoor use.
7. Light in weight and environment friendly.
8. Multiple knot designs for you to choose from.
9. Safe to use.

1. Can be easily hanged on the wall, ceiling, or anywhere you desire.
2. Elegant way to show off your plants and decorate your living environment.
3. Perfect way to keep your plants off the ground, preventing them from any damage from animals.
4. Presents a chic vibe to your exquisite space.
5. Solution to meet your plant desires by occupying less space.
6. Perfect gift for your plant lover friends and family.
7. Uplifts the essence of your living space by bringing the natural vibe.

Type: Hanging Baskets.
Material: Cotton rope + Wood ring + Wooden bead.
Length: About 70-100cm.
No pot: Not including pot and plant.
Color: Beige.
Technology: 100% handmade.
Packing: 1 OPP bag/pc.
Net weight: About 100g.



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