Hammock Hanging-Net

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Product description

Planning to take a day off and go on a picnic? Don't forget to take our amazing Hammock Hanging-Net with you that will make your rest time fun and comfortable.
The hanging net can be used for number of purposes such as resting, relaxing, sleeping, reading a book, taking a sun bath or simple for keeping edible and other essentials during picnic. This comfortable and reliable net is the essential to keep while planning a holiday or a day out with friends.
1. Hand-woven and is breathable to lie on.
2. Thick and skin friendly fabric without peculiar smell.
3. The net is made up of high quality polyester cotton canvas.
4. Light and breathable netting conforming to your body position.
5. Easy to setup and tie between two tress or other firm objects.
6. The maximum bearing capacity of hammock hanging net is 100kg.
7. The high quality fabric is used to ensure that it can not be torn or damaged.
1. Easy to install and take off.
2. 2-3 persons can easily share it.
3. It is very safe and reliable product.
4. Small storage volume and portable.
5. Enough space for relaxing and stretching.
6. Let the user enjoy soft sponge comfort.
7. Comfortable net with a huge capacity.
8. It can be used to keep essentials during a picnic.

9. Multipurpose and can be used indoors and outdoors as well.
10. Ideal for camping, trekking, picnic, garden events and back yard also.


Material: White Hammock.
General Use: Outdoor Furniture.



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