HEYYDAR™ - GYM Board Foldable

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"I'm impressed with this board. It's great! Even if it doesn't seem like it, training with it is more complex than it looks. After my first workout with her, I was exhausted. All muscles worked at the same time. I am happy that I bought this product!"
- Kim Rivera ✅ Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ - GYM Board Foldable

As athletes and fitness freaks, we love buying products that are made of high-quality material and durable. Fitness help tools like rope, rack up board, or weight bench, if made of cheap material, start to become defective within a few days of use. With a slight pressure or movement, they get cracked, and there's a high chance that in this whole process, we might injure ourselves. Similarly, some boards don't work for heavier people.

This GYM Board Foldable targets particular muscles as shown in the color-coded areas: red-shoulders, blue-chest, green-triceps, and yellow-back. It maximizes and sculpts the upper body definition as a heavy-duty plug 26% press and push-up board system with multiple angles and positions. It builds strength while burning calories and leads you through a conditioning workout with full-body strength.


6 Reasons Why Our "GYM Board Foldable" Will Change Your Life

✅ EXCITING AND FUN: The 14-in-1 support board has color-coded areas for chest muscles, abdominal muscles, arms, and back muscles. Red indicates shoulders, yellow indicates back, green indicates triceps, and blue indicates pectorals. A muscle training guide can provide you with additional instructions and pictures to ensure optimum results. Exercise can also be a joy when we learn about different colors.


✅ PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE: Portable and lightweight, this handle folds up. In the gym, at the office, at home, or anywhere else, you can draw on it to get excellent training results. Build muscle and lose fat anywhere and anytime.

✅ NON-SLIP MATERIAL: It is made of durable and high-quality ABS plastic, which is not easy to break and has a high level of toughness. This handle helps to evenly distribute force, thereby reducing the amount of pressure and tension on the user's wrist and elbow. Additional anti-slip plugs can stabilize the hold of the support while exercising.

✅ NEUTRAL AND EASY TO USE: Pushups are performed by inserting the handle into specific positions on the pushup table. According to the features of a professional sports club, a customized putter can help you exercise efficiently and systematically to maintain a perfect body, whether you are a fitness beginner or an athlete.

✅ CALORIE BURN AND WORKOUT: With a 10-week use of this pushup rack board, you can have a toned and sculpted upper and lower body. Lose weight and burn calories losing weight and doing efficient plyometric workouts with an ab-shredding routine.


✅ BEAUTIFUL WORKOUT DESIGN: The pushup rack board effectively features wide-to-narrow positions to develop minor and major muscles such as shoulder, chest, biceps, triceps, and back while engaging your entire body.


Video Testimonial

Your worries become history if you buy these "GYM Board Foldable"!

We experienced dissatisfaction when choosing the wrong product, which was a total misfit for our bodies. Some pushup rack boards have sturdiness problems. The handlebars keep coming off quickly, and they cannot maneuver easily when in use. Some boards are incredibly flimsy, and we wish they were made a little different for the triceps workout.

The GYM Board Foldable offers the most comprehensive pushup board system that provides more combo positions. The non-slip footpad has eight wear-resistant anti-skid pads, which aids in anti-skid safety training. The ABS Handle assists in the long-term exercise of a pal, which is not easy for newbies. It's the best workout tool for athletes. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x GYM Board Foldable or 
  • 1 x Push-up stands

At www.heyydar.com, we believe in the quality of our products. Therefore we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked! When you purchase from us, there is ZERO Risk for you!

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