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Once in a while, you might be taking a shot at something that expects you to utilize two hands, and its effectively dull where you can't hold an electric lamp and still work. It might be riding your bicycle, carrying out some responsibility in the garage, outside or inside your home. These raise the need to discover some source of light that will get you out of any challenge. Indeed, there you ought not to stress any longer since you can utilize our exclusive LED flashlight gloves which you simply put on your hands, illuminates for you, and allows you to work with comfort. 

These are ergonomically made with agreeable, repellant, delicate, breathable excellent cotton material that offers you comfort. These gloves are valuable for working in regions where lighting is an issue, for example, under sinks, inside motors, or other such situations where generally, one would require somebody to hold a light. Holding a spotlight for somebody at an awkward angle is exhausting, and no one loves doing it, which means these LED Flashlight Gloves can really be genuine assistance much of the time. 

Now that you know what these gloves can do, so what's the hold-up? Get your hands on these LED flashlight gloves right away.

1. Available for both hands providing you with the perfect convenience.
2. Made from high-quality cotton ensuring a comfortable experience.
3. Light in weight and easy to wear.
4. Waterproof design for maximum applications.
5. Dual LED's on each hand, for just the right amount of light.
6. Durable, flexible, and can be used for long hours.
7. Multiple functionalities, provide assistance to solve all your dark problems.
8. One button ON/OFF operation.
9. Adjustable strap to fit on your hand perfectly.

1. Supports you in doing delicate handiwork in the dark.
2. Perfect tool to wear when going camping or fishing.
3. Can be worn by both men and women.
4. Modernly designed to be anti-slip, takes away all your worries of slipping in the dark.
5. Fingerless glove for the perfect grip and usage.
6. LED's intelligently placed on thumb and forefinger for maximum illumination.
7. Perfect and practical gift for your loved ones.

Material: Spandex + Cotton.
Color: Black only, no white!
Characteristic: Waterproof. 
Mode: Left, Right.  
Feature: Anti-cut.
Type: Half Finger.

Forefinger about 4.5cm/1.77" .      
Thumb about 3.5cm/1.38".
The distance between two fingers about 7cm/2.76". 

Package Contains: 
1 x Fishing Glove.


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