HEYYDAR™ - Gloves LED Flashlight

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"As I have been doing repairing work of cars at my workshop and for that purpose want a product which will help me providing flexible excessive flashlight, continuously. I searched for multiple led lights for my purpose, but all need to be placed in one place and won’t be adjustable and flexible to the type of my work. Then I came to know about Gloves LED Flashlight, which had all the facilities which I was thriving for.”
- David Malan  ✅ Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ - Gloves LED Flashlight

Do you want a product that will provide you with flexible flashlight facilitation. Are you looking for something distinctive in quality and performance?
Gain the maximum advantage of a product that will provide excessive flashlight performance irrespective of your work area. It is usable on both hands, and both of them have an equal rate of flashlight function and are extremely light in weight which is quite handy for the workers working in tough areas.
Bring outstanding equipment in the form of Gloves LED Flashlight to the addition of your work type and helps in providing maximum benefits. It has a one-operational method to switch on and off the flashlight facility: Moreover, it has a waterproof feature too, which helps the user to use it in any sort of condition. In addition to that, it is highly adjustable and can fit anyone's hand easily.



6 Reasons Why Our "Gloves LED Flashlight" Will Change Your Life

✅ IDEAL FOR FRAGILE WORK: It is an ideal product for fragile work as this type of work requires an excessive flashlight, and the gloves are a powerful tool for their query. Due to its waterproof feature, it is highly suitable for people who work in tough areas and will not harm them in any way.  

✅ SUITABLE FOR BOTH GENDERS: It is wearable by both men and women and has adaptability according to that. Women sometimes require a high light facility for their kitchen purposes, so it is handy for them and makes their kitchen work easy. In men's case, they can use it for fishing and any critical work, which requires intensive light.

✅ MULTI-PURPOSE: They are usable for multi-purposes, including fishing and camping as premier choices and many other types of work are conductible through it. For example, mining and mechanics depend on high light power; hence, it led gloves to prove a worthy option.

✅ DURABLE: The gloves are highly durable and won’t tear off and make one uncomfortable due to their construction, consisting of pure cotton and anti-slip technology. The material used in making these gloves makes sure that they don't slip from your hands, so they are highly suitable for the users. 

✅ EASY ACCESSIBILITY: The accessibility is easy, as the flashlight buttons are located near the thumb, which is primarily used by people while operating anything. Its feasibility from the user's perspective makes it a customer-oriented product and tends to provide them a comfortable process.

✅ IDEAL AS A GIFT: It is an ideal gift for your friend and family member who wants a product for their work, which requires maximum light facility. They can use this product for multi-purposes and will surely love this as a gift from your side.


Your worries become history if you buy these "Gloves LED Flashlight"!

Are you willing to buy a product that will provide you with maximum flashlight facility, along with high accessibility and portability as well?

By opting for Gloves LED Flashlight, all the queries regarding excessive and flexible light supply are achievable. These LED gloves are waterproof, and so they are highly suitable for people who work in tough conditions while making sure that they are not harmed in any way.

These LED gloves are highly suitable for both genders and can be used for multiple purposes. The gloves are highly durable, mainly due to the premium quality of material used in making these gloves, and they come with anti-slip technology making sure that the gloves don't slip up from your hands while you are working.


Package Contains:

  • 1 x Gloves LED Flashlight.


Product specifications:

  • Material: Spandex + Cotton.
  • Characteristic: Waterproof. 



  • Forefinger about 4.5cm/1.77" .      
  • Thumb about 3.5cm/1.38".
  • The distance between two fingers about 7cm/2.76". 


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