Foldable Steam Rinse Stainless Steel Strain

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Product description


Make your cooking time fun and easy with this magic basket. Presenting you the Foldable Steam Rinse Stainless Steel Strain which will help you cook quickly and without making any mess. Forget the oil ways of rinsing oil after frying that spills over the counter and leaves rigorous stains on it. This product serves as a multi-purpose tool that combines the use of a steamer, deep frying pan, and colander.

This can also be used to wash veggies and fruits. It easily drains water and oil. All you have to do is place it inside the pot in which you are cooking or frying and after you are done just take it out with the handles and transfer to your serving plate. The handles are specially designed to balance the basket. This product is very useful and can help a lot in the kitchen.

1. High quality and affordable cost.
2. Harmless product, manufactured in compliance with all FDA regulations.
3. Ergonomic design with supportive handles.
4. Stainless Steel material for the best quality.
5. Durable and long lasting.
6. Light in weight.

1. Easy to use.
2. Safe to use posing no health hazards.
3. Easy storage.
4. Convenient clean up after usage.
5. Multipurpose product, can be used for various purposes anywhere.
6. Great helper in the kitchen, takes all your worries away.
7. Makes no mess and very efficient.

Material: Stainless Steel.
Size: 23cm x 23cm x 14cm.
Handle size: 16.5cm x 12.5cm. 

Package Contains:
1 x Foldable Fry Basket.

Size Approximately :  these size is about Asian Size , you can decide your size by CA size . 1 inch= 2.54cm.

Note: Item Measure by hand, it could be 1-2cm different.



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