Fast inflatable air sofa bed

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Planning to go on a beach on a windy day and need something to rest on ? Well, we have something to help you. The Fast Inflatable Air Sofa Bed can be used outdoors as well as indoors too. It can be used on beach site, near swimming pool, in kid's bedroom, in study room and bedrooms as well.

The best part is it does not need any expensive pump and can be quickly inflated in less than 10 seconds with direct wind. Just open the mouth of one side of the lounger. Swoop the Inflatable Lounger into the air while taking a side step against the Air, allowing you to take a big swoop of air into the bag. Quickly close the mouth of the bag to trap the air. So grab yours now and make your picnic time fun.

1. No pump needed.
2. Oxford cloth material.
3. Comfortable pillow shape design.
4. Portable and compact air sofa bed.
5. It can easily float on water and rest on plain surface.
6. Water proof fabric and can be used on grass, sand and rocky terrain surface.

1. Easily fits 2-3 people.
2. It can easily be carried as a bag.
3. Stay inflated for a long duration.
4. Instantly sets up and takes no long.
5. Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
6. It can be used outdoor and indoors as well.
7. Inflates quickly, saving your time and energy.
8. Easy to clean with a wet cloth and easy to carry.
9. Does not require an expensive pump for inflation.
10. The air sofa bag is comfortable to use and is very big size. 

Weight limit: 400kg.
Product size before Inflated: Banana shape around  200-240*70cm.
Weight: 600g/850g.
Packing size: 45*29cm.
Color: See the pictures.
Material: Oxford cloth.

Warning: Keeps away from fire, sharp items. Inflatable sofa can be used in water, but DO NOT use as life-saving equipment.

Size length is estimated due to different measuring.  200-240*70cm.



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