HEYYDAR™ - RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy

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-"I bought it for my mom's birthday, and she was so happy. She uses red light and yellow. The is rf for anti-aging and yellow for lifting. Even if it's a mom's birthday present, I use it as well. I'm in love with green, which is responsible for cleaning. It removed some of my black dots."

- Bella W. ✅ Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ - RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy

Skincare has always been a challenge, as many creams and devices do not always give the best results. All this is because the cream is not assimilated by the skin in-depth but only on the surface. Problems like wrinkles and acne will become history because this device will solve these problems by giving a desirable look.

"RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy" accelerates a better absorption in skin creams, helping to repair and relieve various skin conditions by helping to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the signs of aging. The "RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy" is a state-of-the-art device that offers you five working modules for excellent, effortless, and high-cost results.



6 Reasons Why Our "RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy" Will Change Your Life

✅ NONPOROUS MESOTHERAPY: Using a particular pulse by the double-clicked current directly leads the nutrition into the dermal layer of the skin.



✅ ELECTROPORATION IMPORT: Through unique current opens the gap of the skin cells, making the effective skincare cream ingredients directly into the dermal layer. Ten times increase absorption through the skin! 



✅ RF CURRENT: Heating with high-frequency electrical resistance, effective in improving deep skin relaxation, aging wrinkles, and adequate current promotes lymphatic and blood circulation, body shaping, and other care. 

✅ LED PHOTOTHERAPY: Works efficiently by soothing the skin when it hurts due to the LED technology used providing excellent results. 



✅ THE MICROWAVE PULSE: The device uses four levels of conduction and unique pulse technology, sparking muscle contraction. The skin remains firm and restores its elasticity.

✅ SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE THAT SAVES YOU TIME: Perform more than one treatment at once. Combine the powerful FACE LIFTING function with other therapies on the device to fend off unwanted wrinkles. 



Your worries become history if you buy this "RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy"!

We know that the skin is susceptible and must always be careful with it, primarily when problems such as wrinkles, acne, or other skin imperfections do not provide the desired comfort when you go out. That's why we meet the issues that will become history using this new skincare device.

These problems are almost ready to disappear with this new product that offers the latest solutions to problems that until now seemed to have no resolution with conventional treatments. The admiration of those around you will begin to appear with the results of using this device. It offers guaranteed results and the peace of mind of having younger and more beautiful skin.


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Package Including:

  • 1 x RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy
  • 1 x USB + Charger Base
  • 1 x English manual


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