EYE Paper Patches False Eyelash

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Unable to get the recommended 8 hrs sleep due to extensive work hours or binge watching on Netflix will definitely leave you with puffy under eyes and dark circles.

Not anymore. Say goodbye to those dark circles in just a few minutes!

Luxurious cosmetic creams can help you out but they ain't going to take you that far specially when it comes down to your sensitive skin under the eye. These uniquely shaped miracle workers are designed to stay under your eyes and get rid of all those dark circles, baggy eyes and other under eye dilemmas for you.

1. Unique design.
2. Specially prepared to non-slip and provide reliable solutions.
3. Contains smoothing hydro-gel, 100% natural plant extract.
4. Breathable and comfortable to apply.
5. Easy to remove leaving behind no residue and providing exquisite visible results.
6. Time saving and efficient.
7. Applicable to all types of skin.
8. Vital tool for eyelash extension.
9. Non-woven flexible material.

1. Effectively helps in reducing under eye dark circles.
2. Brightens and tightens up your skin.
3. Essential for reducing eye puffiness.
4. Maintains moisture for smooth shiny skin.
5. Makes fine lines disappear.
6. Suitable for professional and home use.
7. Anti-inflammatory.
8. Anti-ageing and smooth any wrinkles.
9. Used for separation of eyelash.


We have our own factory. All materials are the safest. Please feel free to buy.
Other products have pungent taste, we have no taste! Safety!
Other products stimulate the skin, which is skin allergy. Our products are comfortable, moisturising and non irritating.
The most important thing is that we deliver goods quickly!!!
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