European Retro Metal Plate With Handles

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European Retro Metal Plate with Handles is an iron crafted storage tray with durable vintage looks and features and can be used for serving and storing. It is designed as a flat plate along with solid handles so that you can have a good grip. This beautiful retro plate can add a simple yet vintage touch to your dining table. The product can be used as a multi-purpose object such as serving meals, storing snacks or dry fruits, and as a cheeseboard. Add different types of cheese and crackers along with some fresh fruits and veggies and give yourself a delightful treat.

1. Iron Craft with elegance and style.
2. High quality and easily affordable product.
3. Manufactured from purely non-toxi materials, approved by the FDA.
4. Solid design.
5. Durable and long-lasting.
6. Strong and comfortable handles for balancing the plate and ensuring an exquisite experience.


1. Easily portable to pack up when travelling.
2. Re-usable.
3. Multi-purpose, can be used to heat, as well as cook food.
4. Unique vintage looks.
5. Non-breakable making your experience, rock solid.
6. Easy to use and wash.

Important: The iron process is not made of stainless steel. Although it has an anti-oxidation coating, it needs to be used with care. It should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. The washing pH should be between 11-11.5. If it is scratched, it can be slightly polished with toothpaste. If you have tea stains, you can wash them with lemon juice or vinegar.

Item name: round tray, metal tray, decorative tray.
Stained, shabby, distressed.
Design: Round tray with handles.
Disk type: Flat plate.
Shape: Round.
Material: Iron Craf.t
Size: S-diameter 20*20 cm, Height 2.2 cm, L-diameter 30*30 cm, Height 3cm.
Application: Home, Church, Wedding, Party, Cafe, Kitchen.
Usage: Home serving tray, Decoration tray.


Note: Iron craft products are purely hand-made. Due to different methods and batches, there will be uneven color in the products.




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