English Calligraphy Feather Pen

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Love calligraphy or getting to learn calligraphy these days? This is the perfect spot for you to make a perfect start then. We have amazing English Calligraphy Feather Pen that will make your learning experience fun and amazing. These feather pens are so beautiful and pretty that you won't be able to resist after seeing them. You will definitely want to grab one of these asap.

Each pen we provide is special, brings you an exclusive customization shock feeling. each normal goose plume, fluctuate in each surface, shape, size, structures with no duplication, exquisite, collectible, pass severe select, all hand made, this conventional set mixes a centuries-old fine art with your interesting 'hand' for a creation passed on in thought and plan. So grab yours right now. 

1. Handcrafted calligraphy pens.
2. The standard nib type embedded.
3. Light-weight and very comfortable to use.
4. Provide superior control and stability delivery.
5. Strong and sturdy yet elegant and beautiful product.
6. 5 different nibs provided in the complete package.
7. Excellent packing, exquisite design, and antique style.
8. Made up of high-quality metal and stainless steel material.
9. Wear-resistant, durable, re-usable, and long-lasting pens.

1. Great tool for beginners.
2. Easy to use and dip pens.
3. Ideal gift for an art lover friend.
4. Smoothness in writing and an easy ink flow.
5. Dipped with ink per time it can write 20-30 words.
6. Different nibs used to write different font and sizes.
7. Available in different beautiful and eye-catching colors.
8. Motivate you towards creating something new and unique.
9. Permits secure composing helping you hit that sweet spot easily.

Material: Metal
Writing Point: 0.5mm
Name: English Calligrap Pen
Material: Feather+Metal
Nib: 5 Nibs
Set: Feather pen + 5 Nibs +Pen holder+Ink bottle


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