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Paracord is one of the most helpful things to have on an experience. Our emergency paracord bracelets create incredible endowments since you can customize the size and shading. Not exclusively do these arm bands look cool, however they can likewise really be utilized in any crisis circumstance. We inventively encourage you to remember them for your Care Packages since they're both functional and meaningful.

The wristbands are devoted to every one of you who are survivalists, explorers, climbers, campers, or any individual who appreciates the outside. These arm bands become amazingly helpful. The line itself is comprised of 7 internal strands which each contain 3 inward strands of their own, which gives you a considerable measure of string to work with. Counting a whistle lock in our paracord wristband is a major additionally, since making noise is frequently valuable when endeavoring to discover help.

Don't delay it anymore. BUY our exclusive emergency bracelet right now before you head on towards your next adventure. Safe travels!

1. High durability and light in weight.
2. Multiple purpose functionality.
3. Incorporates a rope cutter for your outdoor excursions.
4. Comes with an exclusive outdoor fire fighting stone.
5. Navigation made easy through the high-precision mini compass.
6. Survival whistle for any emergency situations you encounter.
7. Innovative 7-cell umbrella rope making it an important accessory to wear.
8. Available in multiple colors to brighten up your experience.

9. Resizeabale to perfectly fit on your wrist.

1. Perfect gift for your adventurous buddies.
2. Small in size and huge in functionality.
3. Ergonomically designed making it comfortable to wear.
4. A must-have security accessory for your travel plans.
5. Suitable for all wrist sizes.
6. Can also be used as a daily life bracelet jewelry.
7. Corrosion-resistant, anti-aging material for long life and usage.


Material: 250 rope polypropylene, plastic.
Size: 230 x 23mm.
Weight: 40g.
Length: 2.5m.
Umbrella Rope Diameter: 0.4cm, 7 cores.
Width: 2.5cm.
Single Rope Tension: 200 kg.
Note: No Flint.

Package Contains:
1 x Bracelet (No Flint).


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