Electric Neck Massage Pillow
Electric Neck Massage Pillow
Electric Neck Massage Pillow
Electric Neck Massage Pillow
Electric Neck Massage Pillow

Electric Neck Massage Pillow

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Having severe pain in neck and shoulder but couldn't get any time to get to a massage center? We understand our customer's needs and here we present a solution that is very easy and relaxing. Our Electric Neck Massage Pillow is your private massage therapist that will make you relax and shed off your stress anywhere anytime. This massage pillow comes with 2 or 4 kneading massage nodes that will move back and forth to massage your neck in a relaxing manner. With its reinforced heating function, the heated pillow massager customizes your massage experience and helps to relax overused and tight muscles, brings you real comfort and relief.
The massage pillow provides two massage directions with built-in bi-directional movement control to mimic the motion of in-person massage experience, the lumbar massager will auto-reverse every minute for better distribution of massage effects and provide thorough treatment. Now grab this amazing product and relax in-home or on long routes.

1. Convenient one key power switch.
2. Nylon elastic bandage design.
3. Stylish and elegantly designed.
4. 2 or 4 kneading massage nodes.
5. Totally comfortable and safe for the neck.
6. High-quality motor and overheating protection.
7. Designed to massage acupuncture points in the neck.
8. It gets auto shut off after 15 minutes, regarding safety.
9. Constant controlled temperature massage to effectively relax your muscles.

1. Great for neck relaxation.
2. Perfectly designed to be safe and reliable.
3. Relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.
4. Provides a comfortable and relaxing massage at home.
5. Provides relief to neck soreness and muscle tiredness.
6. Durable and can be used during flights or long car rides.
7. Especially suitable for people who sit or stand for long periods in a day.

    Type: Massage Pillow.
    Material: PU Leather + Mesh.
    DC Input: 12V, 2A.
    Rated Voltage: 12V.
    Rating Power: 25W.
    Size: 32*19*10cm (approx.).
    Frequency: 50Hz.
    Massage: Kneading massager.
    Massage Type: Thermotherapy, Magnetic Therapy.
    Massage time: 20 minutes or less.
    Body Area: Neck, Back, Waist, Legs, Buttocks.
    Physiotherapy way: Infrared.
    Color: Brown.

    Package Contains:
    1 x Massager Pillow.
    1 x AC Power Adapater(US,EUR,UK,AU ~UK ,AU only extra plug).
    1 x Car Adapter.

    Estimated delivery time 7 - 30 business days