Electric Foot Massager Roller

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If you're continually working on your feet, at that point recovery is a significant aspect of your daily schedule. End of a long tiring day, your tired feet and body starts aching? We all know how that feels, but only a few have the perfect remedy. This is where our electric foot massager can prove to be useful, as it attempts to help unwind and assuage your sore muscles and provide comfort at your home.

Our feet not only help us in walking and support our weight but also play a vital role in assisting our heart to properly function. Some professionals even term them as our second heart. Being important for full body functionality, we should ensure to take all measures to care for them appropriately. 

This can be done by taking out time and going to the massage parlor and getting a special foot massage or if you don't have time and want a solution right in the comfort of your home. Well, in that case, this specially designed pain-relieving electric foot massager is the perfect solution to all your pain.

1. Specially manufactured from composite material for durability.
2. Affordable and easily to use.
3. Special button for reversing the massage direction.
4. Abrasion resistance material.
5. Comfortable and quite operation.
6. Caters to relieve the pain and relax your muscles.
7. Light in weight, perfect for traveling or use at the home, office, etc.
8. Multiple adjustable speed intensity levels for just the right comfort.
9. Heating effecting, ensurig your with the soothing warm effect.
10. One button on/off operation.
11. 4 Seasonal design with removable outer cover for providing comfort all year long.
12. Dedicated button to switch the heat on.

1. Foot massage successfully stimulates your reflex zones.
2. Enhanced and efficient metabolism.
3. Improves your immunity to fight diseases.
4. Aids in removing the harmful toxins ensuring a healthy body and soul.
5. Relieves the soreness and tiredness of your muscles.
6. Breaks away the coagulated calcium, lactic acid, and uric acid in your blood vessels.
7. Efficient blood circulation.
8. Effective for the treatment of B.P, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal issues, and much more.

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation.
Material: Composite Material.
Application: Foot.



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