Double-Layer Cat Litter Trapper

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Product description


Cats are always spilling food or water and even their urine after taking a dump. This makes the place very messy and takes a lot of time and effort to clean. But we have an amazing solution to this universal problem. The Double-Layer Cat Litter Trapper will collect the waste that the cat will spill and you can easily clean it in no time. The trapper consist of two layer, the first consist of holes and second a flat surface where the waste will be collected. All you have to do is place this mat near the cat's pot where it usually go for secreting wastes. So grab this amazing trapper now and make your life a lot more easy.

1. Two-layered sifting system.
2. Non-slip and no-toxic litter trapper.
3. Works great with any cat's litter box.
4. Super light and extra durable material.
5. Available in different colors and sizes.
6. EVA material with a smooth surface.
7. The holes diameter is approximately 0.5".
8. Especially designed dual structure trapper.
9. Eco-friendly and durable EVA form rubber.
10. Exclusive urine/waterproof layer incorporated.

1. Saves your unnecessary cleaning time.
2. Comfortable and smooth on cat's paws.
3. Trapper prevents litter tracking and scatter.
4. The holes effectively collects litter from cat paws.
5. Super light quality rubber withstands scratching and clawing.
6. Safeguards your carpets and rugs from nasty water or urine stains.
7. The pocket form dual structure only needs to shake off when cleaning.
8. Waterproof layer prevents water/urine from soaking in the bottom layer.
9. The dual structure prevents the cat from spilling and scattering litter everywhere.       
Package Contains:
1 x Cat Litter Mat.
The black model has a single layer with a leather bottom, and the other three colors are double-layered with eva.
Material: EVA.
Color: Black.
Item Size:
S: 30*30CM.
M: 40*50C.

L: 45*60C.
XL: 55*75CM.
Feature: Waterproof.
Type: Cats.
Material: Rubber.
Color: Grey/Black/Blue/Brown.

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