Double Cat Bowl With Stand

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Cat always end up spilling the food no matter how much you train her? We have a an easy and amazing solution for your problem. Double Cat Bowl With Stand will let your cat enjoy its food in peace without spilling it and making mess all over.

You simply need to modify the pivoting point appeared in the manual, at that point establishment is done, last you get a flexible bow. Simply use dishcloth or wipe to clean, wash it in clean water and let it air dry. additionally, it's likewise advantageous to include food or water.

The product comes as a set of 2 dishes. Filling in as a full supper with food and water, a superior straightforward bowl is ideal for dry, coarsely ground nourishments, wet nourishments and bites. So grab yours now and make your and yours pet life a bit easy.

1. Easily detachable bowls.
2. Eco-friendly and non-toxic material.
3. Unique, stylish and minimalist design. 
4. 0-20 degrees adjustable and innovative design.
5. Made up of high quality plastic with rubber base.
6. Comfortable feeding height of the elevated pet bowl.
7. Durable and anti-slip bottom makes it stable and reliable.
8. Single and dual bowl design available according to your preference.

1. The detachable bowls are easy to remove and clean.
2. Saves your time and effort used in cleaning the mess.
3. Designed as the shape of your cat so that the cat can easily adapt it.
4. The non-slip bottom prevents the food from spilling or overturning.
5. The non-slip pet bowl wipes out the effect sound when pets are eating.
6. The dual bowl can contain food and water at once thus saving your money.
7. The feeding height of the bowl reduce stress and pressure on cat's neck and cervical vertebra.
8. The transparent  food bowl holds the dishes set up and keeps the dishes from crushing or spilling.

Shape: Rounded.
Type: Cats.
Type: Single.
Material: Plastic.


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