HEYYDAR™ - Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush

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"This toothbrush is quite effective. I like that it can be placed on the floor and it stays there. Toothpaste or whatever you want to put in it is easy to put on, so it helps a lot in cleaning your dog's teeth. My dog is very excited about the new toy. Very easily combine the useful with the pleasant. I'm happy, both me and the puppy, for this."
- Eva Sabo Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ - Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush

Toothbrushes for pets are ideal for helping relieve the pain of teething through their gums and keep jaws strong. But for aggressive chewers, some brushes don't work the best. Toothbrushes made of plastic or thin rubber have poor quality, they can break, and the pets can swallow the pieces. Toys made of rubber are not robust because of the cheap thin material; they also don't squeak easily. As a solution to all of these problems and to keep your dog healthy, we have presented this Toothbrush.

This Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush is ideal for fitting the bill and making teeth cleaning a fun activity. The varying spikes, three-dimensional zigzag molars, and cleaning channels ensure the effective cleaning of calculus in your pet's teeth. The brush can suck horizontally and vertically while challenging the tensile force of the pet. It cleans the dog's teeth during the biting process. The spikes on it are super soft and don't harm the dog's gums. The dog's teeth are cleaned during the cutting process, and hard-to-reach tartar with the plaque is also removed.


6 Reasons Why Our "Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush" Will Change Your Life

✅ GOODBYE TO YUCK MOUTH AND STINKY BREATH: In addition to removing plaque and tartar, our dog's dental chew toy massages his tongue and gums for a healthier mouth.

✅ STURDY TEETHING TOY: Tossing this toy around when it bounces is quite enjoyable for high-energy dogs. This toy is also great for tug-o-war games. Besides helping your pet the toy keep its teeth clean, it also helps your pet release stress. This Aggressive chew toy for puppy and medium-large dogs serves excellent as a toothbrush.

 A TOUGH TOY ON DOGS' TEETH: No dog toy is indestructible, but our teeth cleaning dog toy is made to withstand the bite of large breeds and adult chewers; the rubber in our dog toy toothbrush is 100% natural and gentle for teeth.

 PROMOTES POSITIVE CHEWING HABITS: A dog tooth cleaning toy is perfect for training, mental and physical stimulation; it helps the dog bond with its owner and relieves separation anxiety, loneliness, and boredom.

 THE BEST HARMLESS & SAFE DOG TOYS: 100% non-toxic natural rubber (natural rubber chew toy) is used for making this non-toxic chew toy for dogs. Dogs can bite and chew on it, but it is less damage-prone and more durable.

✅ SOFT BRISTLES & UNIQUE DESIGN: Soft enough to prevent damage to the dog's gums, the dog toothbrush stick is a good choice. Using a brush head with concave and convex grooves will help them effectively clean their teeth and prevent oral diseases. Look after each dog's tooth.


Your worries become history if you buy these "Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush"

We feel the stress you suffer from for your four-legged friends when they have lousy breathing and teething issues. Bite-resistant Toothbrush that has poor quality can be hazardous for your pet's health. A toy with spikes/teeth made of cheap rubber or plastic can be torn and chewed within a few minutes by aggressive chewers. Worry not!

This Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush is made of top-quality plastic, and it doesn't tear up. The groves in it help clean your dog's teeth, and the toy doesn't show any sign of breaking even after months of use. A bite-resistant Toothbrush is strong enough for chewing and works best for small, medium, and large dog breeds. If your dog has adult teeth but still loves to chew or is a heavy chewer, the little nubs and swirls feel great on the dog's teeth and gums. 


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Package Including:

  • 1 x Dog Toothbrush Toy
Product Specifications:
  • Size: M  1.6×5×5 inch ( for dogs within < 18kg )
  • Size: L    1.9×6.1×6.15 inch ( for dogs within > 18kg )
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