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"This thing is great. It works for both dirty water/splattered kind of mud, and the thick stuff that is stuck between the toes. In fact, it works really well for the thick stuff because the bristles get in between and scoop it out. You do have to change the water very often; when it's really thick, you have to change it before you finish all four paws but it still beats spending ten minutes with three different rags and towels trying to scoop it out."
- Curt J. ✅ Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ - Portable Cleaner Cup

Cleaning the pet is so much difficult especially when your four-legged friend doesn't want to. But here we bring something that will make your life easy and your pet's cleaning times fun. Portable Cleaner Cup will effectively clean your dog's paws in no time.

All you have to do is add some water into the cup, stick your pet paws in the cleaner cup (one at a time), spin the container to engage the bristles and then remove the paws dry the paws if your pet likes it and its done. This cleaner cup can be carried anywhere so now you don't need to be worried about cleaning. Let your pet go and play then wash him whenever he's done.

6 Reasons Why Our "Portable Cleaner Cup" Will Change Your Life

✅ MINI PET BRUSH TIP DESIGN DOUBLES THE CLEANLINESS: Unlike ordinary dog paw cleaner cups, our cleaner cup brush tip is designed in a fork shape, which can double clean dog toes deeply, Avoid too long cleaning time.


✅ EASY TO USEAdd a little water and simply insert the muddy and dirty paw into the cup, move the cup up and down or rotate it to clean the paw. Gently dry the paw with a towel .the brush is detachable, Just unscrew the lid and remove the silicone brush for cleaning (the M size needs to remove the lid, the S size not need it), and keep it dry for next use.

✅ SAFE, SOFT AND DURABLE MATERIAL: This Dog Paw Cleaner is made of gentle soft silicone bristles. Durable , it's soft and good at wrapping and it can effectively remove the dirt on the pet paws, and keep pets healthy.


✅ A MUST-HAVE PAW CLEANER: 6.4inch/16.4cm high, 4.1inch/10.4cm upper diameter, 3.3inch/8.2cm lower diameter, Cylindrical design allows you to effectively wash hard-to-reach areas. suitable for Small and medium-size pets. Comes with a soft cool TOWEL, can help you dry your pet's paw and body, prevent your pet from catching a cold or walking on your floor, and blankets with wet feet. keeps your pets clean and healthy!

✅ SUPER SOFT SILICON: The portable dog paw cleaner is carefully selected environmentally friendly silicone material features better softness than plastic one, without hurting your beloved dogs. It gently and effectively cleans your pet's dirty and muddy paws, keeps your pets clean and healthy.


✅ A MUST-HAVE PAW CLEANER: Cylindrical design allows you to effectively wash hard-to-reach areas. The mouth of the cleaner measures 7.4" and Top Dia 3.8", suitable for ALL pets. Comes with a soft absorbent towel, can help you dry your pet's paw and body, prevent your pet from catching a cold, or walking on your floor and blankets with wet feet.

Your worries become history if you buy this "Portable Cleaner Cup"!

Are tired of the dirty footmarks of your pets in the house? Or you find it difficult to clean them out of the house?

No more worries as this Portable Cleaner Cup are the perfect solution for all your problems. It will effectively clean your pet's paws.

You would just need to fill the cup with water and put your pet's paws in it. The bristles in it will clean the paws and will also dry the paws. The best thing about this product is that it is highly portable. You can easily carry it with you while traveling or when you take your pet to walk and clean their Claws before entering the house. It is made up of high-quality plastic that will last for a very long time.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Cleaner Cup


Important Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality material (plastic)


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