HEYYDAR™ - Waterproof Dog Cover

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Size: 152x143cm
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"This is an incredible bang for your buck. The cover is made really well, it’s heavy-duty and fit my 2019 Chevy like a glove. I have 4 dogs so protecting my beautiful leather seats from their claws and dirt is a must! The velcroed pockets for the seatbelts are really nice as I do have people ride in the backseat occasionally. I still can’t believe it was under $40! And it looks very nice too:)"

- Claudia G. ✅ Verified Customer


HEYYDAR™  - Waterproof Dog Cover

Have you ever wanted to take your pets with you but they destroy your car? Or you don't want to take the risk for your new car seats?

Don't worry, as with this Waterproof Dog Cover you can take your dog in your car anywhere making your trip more easy and more fun. This cover is waterproof so you don't even need to care about spillage or leakage problems. It will also protect your car from fur and mud so your pet can easily enjoy traveling in the car. The cover is strong enough to protect your car seats from the scratches of the dog.

Want to go on a road trip with your pet but they always end up messing your car? Do you have to spend hours cleaning your car after your pet has been with you there? We have a Waterproof Dog Cover For Car Protection that will make your life easy and your road trip fun.


6 Reasons Why Our "Waterproof Dog Cover" Will Change Your Life

✅ GOOD FOR DOGS: Our bench car seat cover protector supplies your dog with comfort and keeps your interior upholstery away from dog scratches, fur and urine. It works perfectly as a dog car seat cover.

✅ GOOD FOR PASSENGERS: Our pet car seat cover is also can be used for your passengers It protects your back seat from juice, mud, or other messes as a daily use rear seat cover. Make your back seat clean.

 WATERPROOF & NONSLIP: We use quilted heavy-duty, scratchproof, and waterproof material on this dog seat cover. Plus the seat anchors, non-slip mesh, and side flaps, it will stay in place well.

✅ EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN: This dog car seat cover is super easy to set up or remove in the 60s for quick in-and-out trips with the dogs, you can click the video on our detail page to check how to install in advance. And easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum. Machine washable (laundry bag needed). 

✅ SAFER & MORE SOIL-RESISTANT DOG CAR HAMMOCK WITH 2 FREE SEAT BELTS: A Pet Seat Cover Hammock with side flaps with double flanking hooks, 2 velcro openings can protect your car seat from scratch, hair&fur, smell, and dirt as well as keep your pet safe. Our car seat covers for dogs supply 2 dog seat belts for free and the quilted design goes well with your car interiors to give a luxurious look to your car. 

✅ 4-IN-1 LUXURY DOG BACK SEAT COVER: Easily convertible between dog hammock, bench car seat cover protector, front pet seat cover, or cargo liner with zipped up or down. It also allows pets and kids to share back seats and travel together. Maximum open size (60" Wx 64” L). Get our multi-functional pet car cover once and for all!


Your worries become history if you buy this "Waterproof Dog Cover"!

Are you tired of your old seat covers that become useless after one-time use? Or you are looking for an easily washable car cover?

No more worries, as this Waterproof Dog Cover is made with polyester material that is strong and durable. This cover comes with a waterproof property that makes it easily washable. So you can easily use it for a long time.

This Waterproof Dog Cover is designed while considering your pet's safety as well. It consists of heavy-duty headrest anchors and two-seat anchors to ensure that your pet is safe in the car during jerks and sudden accidents. Another plus point about the product is that you can also use this cover for other purposes such as for your sofa or bench to protect them from your pet.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Dog Back Seat Cover 
  • 1 x Dog Seat Belt 
  • 2 x Door Slide Straps


Product Specification:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Feature: Waterproof
  • Standard (143cm Width * 152cm Length) 1.3kg
  • X-Large ( 153cm Width x 162cm Length ) 1.6kg


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