Creative Rock Climbing

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Let's upgrade your bare living room wall to something, unique, new and amazing. We have Creative Rock Climbing for you that will enhance the elegance of your place at the best levels.

The ordinary and traditional wallpapers and stickers are way too boring now. They are also not reliable in sense of effecting the wall and destroying its paint and texture. But this beautiful rock climbing sculptures will give an enhancing touch to the walls. You can impress your guests and visitors at a glance only now.

This creative rock climbing sculpture of a man climbing the rock depicts to take risk in life and be courageous and passionate towards your goals. Thus, this keep you motivated all the time. So grab this beauty right now and enjoy the amazing envy of your guests. 

1. Abstract and concise design.
2. Beautifully hand finished product.
3. Strong and sturdy creative rock climbing.
4. Durable, reliable, and long lasting product.
5. Made up of high quality resin and wire material.
6. Suitable to use as a decorative item for bar, home, office, etc.
7. Smooth lines, angular, fashion and personality wall decoration.


1. Convenient and easy to install.
2. Conforms to the modern aesthetics.
3. Grant a beautiful touch to a bare wall.
4. Available in different sizes and variants.
5. It can easily be hung at a height of your choice.
6. Ideal house warming gift for a friend or family member.
7. Gives your hope and courage and embodies the spirit of taking risks.

Material: Resin + wire.
Theme: People.
Style: Europe.
Weight: About 800g.
A: Man size 32.5 * 10 * 13CM, total length 85cm (including wire).
B / C / D / E: Man size 21 * 17.5 * 11CM, total length 75cm (including wire).



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